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Click here for reviews of Alcatraz vs. Click here for reviews of The Knights of Crystallia. Click here for reviews of The Shattered Lens. Click here for reviews of The Dark Talent. Publishers Weekly reports that the first volume will be released in the Spring of But this dark and deadly fantasy world that keeps coming to him is actually a real vision of another world — one where he has been prophesied to become a tyrant and destroy this land of interesting creatures, sporadic electrical currents and a darkening landscape.

Our heartiest congratulations to Brandon Sanderson on this major achievement — not just within the fantasy genre but amongst the entire spectrum of the fiction universe. The Alcatraz Smedry Series Biblio. The Rithmatist Series Biblio. The Reckoners Series Biblio. Calamity — A 1 New York Times series bestseller! Mitosis — A Reckoners story. Readers whose sense of humor runs toward the subversive will be instantly captivated. Like Lemony Snicket and superhero comics rolled into one and then revved up on steroids , this nutty novel…[is] also sure to win passionate fans.

Most librarians will appreciate the satiric teasing, and they will also see the strong appeal and easy-genre-crossing potential in this futuristic fantasy adventure. The humor, although broad enough to engage preteens, is also sneakily aimed at adults.

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Readers are indeed tortured, with quirky, seemingly incompetent heroes; dastardly villains fond of torture; cars that drive themselves; nonstop action; and cliffhanger chapter endings. And as soon as they finish the last wickedly clever page, they will be standing in line for more from this seasoned author of such adult-marketed titles as Elantris.

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Plus dinosaurs in tweed vests. Who could ask for more? Brandon Sanderson has a great sense of humor and I loved how he used the story to instruct children about writing techniques while amusing them at the same time. The wildly imaginative Sanderson, who has written two fantasies for adults, includes such creative details… Though kids will love his story, be sure to tell them it has no basis in fact—librarians could never be information-hoarding villains! Author Brandon Sanderson has pulled together almost everything that would appeal to readers of the Harry Potter series.

It was funny. I am totally looking forward to the next one. I truly enjoyed the escapades and travails contained within these covers, autobiographical or fictional, and while I hope never to actually meet Alcatraz in person I look forward to more volumes of his adventures. This is a fabulous book to read aloud! Highly recommended! Brandon Sanderson has proven yet again why he is my favorite author. Sanderson falls effortlessly back into the tone of this series, and the snark is stronger than ever!

Joel is a likable hero whose impressively quick thinking and astonishing breadth of understanding of Rithmatics is tempered by typical teenage flaws — self-absorption, tactlessness — so he never slips into unbelievability. And Sanderson supplies his young protagonist with the perfect foil in the effervescent Melody. With any luck, their odd-couple friendship will continue to play a central role as the series progresses. The Rithmatist is one of the must-read books of the summer. In other words: get your chalk out, folks, because this is another good one from Brandon Sanderson.

Sanderson creates a beautiful and intricate world, filled not only with magic, but with groups of people who must learn to live among each other. The book was able to pull me in and keep me there with its steam punk elements and mystery. Full of mystery, suspense, intrigue — The Rithmatist is impossible to put down and refreshingly unpredictable.

Together these make for a solid and impressive novel that I wholeheartedly recommend. My recommendation…go buy a copy for yourself right now. I have never read a fantasy book like this. It reads like a blend of steampunk and Harry Potter, and is compelling enough to keep you reading. A great book — and I eagerly await to see where the sequel takes us.

Sanderson hits all the right notes when it comes to all the usual YA themes; coming of age, the meaning of true friendship, loyalty, perseverance, and even a didactic against bullying. Brandon Sanderson does the opposite. As a mystery, Sanderson plays fair. And just when you think you have it figured out, you discover that maybe you were right, maybe not — but either way, you still missed the big one.

Sanderson at his best, for adults and young readers alike. In his alternative, dangerous version of the world, brave young soldiers must battle back dark forces armed with the nerves of a warrior and the skills of an artist. Brandon Sanderson is a member of that club. Armedius Academy is the first magic school that really teaches magic—the chalk-based Rithmatics, both a mystic science and a delightful visual art—and I have never had more fun learning anything.

The creepy climax had me on the edge of my seat, and the slam-bang finish made me stand up and cheer. I flew through this and loved every single word. This book right here is why I love reading, it grabs you and takes you on a journey. Brandon Sanderson is a master story teller and I highly highly recommend this book! But it is! It so is. Fantastical, wonderful, all the good words. With cliffhangers at the end of every chapter, it will be hard to put this book down long enough to eat and sleep, never mind doing responsible things like going to work or school. Sanderson has an unparalleled gift for fantastic world-building and the creation of complex, believable characters.

It breaks new ground in superpower fiction…should take its place among the new classics. However, its most striking characteristic may be the writing itself. Like his other work, the pacing is quick, the plot is layered and the action jumps off the pages. The writing was fast paced with lots of action and awesome fighting.

Again…Sanderson is also stellar at writing action sequences. Pretty spectacular. The book is full of action and plot twists, as well as the types of creative inventions that Sanderson is known for. The only word that comes to mind is epic. It also contains some very enjoyable twists. Brandon Sanderson is one of the best fantasy, sci-fi writers working today. Simply said. Great book. Tight writing. Nice take on superheroes. Nice world creation. Absolutely worth your time. But it also makes me strive to improve my writing. Though this is marketed as a young adult book I know that the majority if not every adult reader who reads the Reckoners books will enjoy them just as well.

Brandon Sanderson is a master storyteller and his books should be made compulsory reading material.

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While Sanderson devoted his first Reckoners book to bringing readers into the world, FIREFIGHT digs deeper into its mythology—beginning to answer the questions of where the Epics come from and what makes them so terrible. Babliar is a fun setting, and in general the book operates quite well. A fun, exciting superpower romp. Seriously worth your time. With creative and complex characters and backstories, an unpredictable and twisted plot, and plenty of action — this book is hard to put down. I highly recommend this fantastic series to fans of superheroes and villains. FIREFIGHT touches upon multiple themes, and as always, Brandon Sanderson creates a unique and interesting universe we get to explore alongside the protagonist…Firefight is a great YA book, almost as good as Steelheart, and a fun, action packed ride for those of us who remain a child at heart.

Almost unbearable tension. So many tears. ALL the feels…. But if you do need a little nudge, I am really loving it and hightly recommend it. Taking all of that in, Firefight is no exception. And, awkward as his comparisons are, David is a wonderfully engaging hero, his innate optimism casting light in very dark places. Adeptly done. Sanderson has always been a fantastic craftsman of plot and pacing. He has an almost superhuman ability to keep the reader reading, paired with that single quality that truly enervates the work of such an author: his plots work.

Watching a Sanderson book come together — especially in a final book in a series like this one — is like witnessing the workings of an intricate and exquisitely functioning machine. With impressive technology and even crazier superpowers, the adventure is bigger and even more intense.

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The characters are complex and the story is exciting and unique. I highly recommend this series. Even when juggling multiple series, Sanderson remains a master of the craft. Now as for the actual plot it is wonderful, and a satisfying conclusion to his latest Young Adult series. This book is about strength of character, love, friendship, humanity, finding beauty in the smallest details, and faith, and each one of those aspects meld together to form a larger picture and a larger solution.

I truly am sad to see this series go. My love for Steelheart manifested quickly, and the two sequels did nothing but enhance that feeling. It ends with a hard choice for David, and a surprising and stunning conclusion. The man can certainly write. As the pulse-pounding story intensifies and reveals its secrets, a cliffhanger ending sets things up for the next installment.

Even hardcore Cosmere fans will enjoy the special mix of fantasy and sci-fi that unfolds as you watch Spensa learn what it means to be truly brave. Mitosis Short Story. Untitled 3. Mintz will produce the film and Sanderson will serve as an executive producer.

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Great news today! Earlier in the week, the book hit 1 on the Audible bestseller list for all titles, all genres , and 10 on the UK Hardcover list as well. Our huge congratulations to Team Brandon, Delacorte, and everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. We are thrilled to announce that Brandon Sanderson has officially sold over 7 million copies worldwide!

Pick up your own copy today! The audiobook was read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. Brandon was also recently nominated for the Geffen Award in Israel! Legion novellas Biblio. The Mistborn Saga Biblio. The Stormlight Archive Biblio. Book 4 under contract! Stormlight Archive Pocket Companion. Graphic Novels Biblio. Brandon Sanderson has created a truly original world of magic and intrigue, and with the rigor of the best science fiction writers he has made it real at every level.

What makes this novel unforgettable, however, is the magnificent characters he has created. True heroes who, in the face of adversity, find strength they did not know they had, make mistakes from whose consequences they do not shrink, and sacrifice to save what is worth loving in their world. Sanderson bring off an impossibly complicated resolution only a few pages from the end of the book, and you finish the book satisfied.

Sanderson is astonishingly wise. As the blurb from Orson Scott Card suggests, Sanderson is a writer to watch. Libraries of all sizes should add this to their fantasy collection.

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This is a heck of a debut. Sanderson leads his readers through a long and difficult puzzle, but the freshness and inventiveness of the conclusion make the ending well worth the wait for a reader who finds delight in serious fantasy lore. If readers are fortunate, Sanderson will return to Arelon soon. In the end, everything comes back to the beginning and is beautifully tied up. When the city of the gods becomes a city of the damned, who and what do you believe in? The story twists and turns, characters bait traps for one another as they vie for secular and religious power, and no-one is necessarily who or what they seem.

Royal houses rise and fall, the fate of all Humanity is in the balance, and maybe, just maybe… the gods are coming back. All this and a genuinely touching love story too. And you can never really die. As is to be expected, the worldbuilding is superb, utilizing a thoroughly thought-out system of magic and religion. Highly recommended to fans of epic fantasy. He also succeeds at building a unique fantasy environment. This series opener is essential reading for fantasy fans. May the author write long and prosper.

Sanderson has really delivered with a solid and intriguing novel full of magic and mayhem, worthy of addition to your personal library. Multifaceted characters and actions of both the mystical and sword-fighting realms bring added excitement to a complex and creative read. The novel was a real page-turner and was filled with wonderful characters and thoughtful original ideas. His heroines and heroes are outstanding — especially Vasher, the Warbreaker, whose special relationship with his sentient sword is both sardonic and sinister. The mysteries of life after death, of identity and destiny, the politics of magic, are unveiled through three-dimensional characters.

Not only has Sanderson drawn a freshly imagined world and its society, he has also given us a plot full of unexpected twists and turns. In subtle prose, notable for its quiet irony, Sanderson tells the story of two sisters and the god they are doomed to marry. Anyone looking for a different and refreshing fantasy novel will be delighted by this exceptional tale of magic, mystery and the politics of divinity.

His characters are fascinating and fully realized. Fantasy fans will love both the compelling story and the creative magical setting. I enjoyed this quite a bit. I think it would make an excellent movie too. I highly recommend it to any fantasy fan. In the dialogues and the self-reflections you can also find his passion for religion and art. Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost. A beautiful, wonderful read. Everyone who likes good fantasy should seek this one out.

The novel deftly mixes a number of inventive action scenes with strong character development and a compelling, if basic, plot into an overall whole that will leave readers begging for more. Hopefully, this will lead to a whole series of Legion stories as there is so much to be mined about this character or is it characters? This concept and plot is worthy of many more pages, though, so I sincerely hope that Brandon Sanderson will be writing more stories about Stephen Leeds and his legion.

I read it in a couple of hours and enjoyed it a great deal. We might even have some revelations about the human psyche in the process. Download the audio version of this story here — read by Bruce L. Illustration by Nick Gucker. Not that such things were uncommon; many people felt strange the first time they consulted someone proclaiming to be psychic. Now she knew it was more than just his identity.

Jones, what brings you here? Silver, anyone who watches the nightly news would recognize you.

Why the deception in the first place? And please, you can call me Miranda. May I call you Raymond now? The fact that he was still hiding something practically poured off of him. Raymond Silver took a moment to think. Raymond nodded and bent down to rummage through the briefcase he had brought in with him. Straightening back up, he placed an odd bracelet of light green, almost jade-like stone on the table between them. Is that true? Miranda stared at the strange bit of jewelry in front of her but made no move to touch it.

It was an odd piece. Wide, thick and heavy. It would be uncomfortable to wear. It was also bizarrely carved so that it resembled a multitude of long, thin things all coiled together to form the body of the bracelet. Without a closer examination, Miranda was unable to tell what those undulating twists of green stone were meant to represent.

I was just taken by its…oddness. Is it yours? A heavy sigh escaped the anchorman as he slumped into his chair. Do I have your word? She up and left without telling me or anyone anything. But I am very worried. I just came by her apartment one night and she was gone. Why did I just call it a thing? My God, I am afraid of it. Can you do that?

She did wear it every day, or at least whenever she could. You knew he was going to say that, so why even ask? Miranda forced a smile. Now that she was holding it, Miranda was surprised at how light the jewelry was for being such a bulky thing. She turned it about in her hands, carefully looking at it, and came to the conclusion that the ropy coils carved into the odd green stone were meant to be countless tentacles.

She had grown used to it over the years. It was her psychic gift turning on, like an old style television slowing warming up. As she held onto the weird bauble, her other five senses started to shrink away, making room for a sixth, all-encompassing one. The first sense to pick up the emanations coming from the stone loop in her hands was her sense of smell, which was always the case.

Miranda sniffed a few times then wrinkled her nose in disgust as the strong scent of sea assailed her. Yes, I am but please be quiet. Although the stone remained cold, it seemed to move and writhe in her hands. Miranda was sure she felt some of its tiny carved tentacles wrap themselves about her fingers. It was also now very damp and she could feel phantom drops of water running down her fingers, dripping off to hit the table below.

Not that I know of, anyway. At the heavy, thundering waves. They are an obstacle of some kind. I…I see something now. I see the image of a locked door. At that, Raymond let go of his chin and sat up in the chair. Has someone kidnapped Linda? It is a feeling of imprisonment. A door is locked…but not for her. The woman did not reply, she just sat motionless, giving herself over completely to the gift, sense by surrendering sense. The last sense to fully give way to the Sight was, ironically, her vision. The simple image of the locked door that had superimposed itself upon whatever she looked at in the real world suddenly became the only real thing before her, blocking out everything else.

Then the door disappeared, leaving Miranda in a darkness that her inner third eye slowly adjusted to. But it was wrong. Everything here was all wrong. The shapes of the columns that held up the vaulted ceiling confused her. The angles of the room hurt her brain when she looked at them for too long. Everything was blurry, and yet so sharp it cut into her vision like knives.

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All had become silent. That is, until she heard something heavy shift behind her. It was sprawled out upon an enormous altar-like stone as high as a two-story building and longer than two football fields placed end to end. What she got were only sensory glimpses, like a camera flashing in a dark room. But even those brief flashes were almost more than she could take. She felt its ponderous, flabby flesh press in against her and smelled the rot of countless ages wafting out of it.

Saw huge membraneous wings twitch in a restless, dreaming slumber. And dear god, there were so many tentacles. But the worst part was when a huge baleful eye opened, turned towards her, focused on her. The thing not only saw her but it saw through her, into her mind. Into her very soul. A whisper of rumbling thunder rose in her head as it called out….

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Those two sounds were what freed Miranda from the awful vision. The first was a soft sound, like a book being shut too hard, but was in fact the sound of a silenced pistol firing. Miranda looked down and saw the blood welling out of her, turning her blue dress a darker shade. But she was none the less relieved. Then she looked up at Raymond Silver who sat across from her. One of his hands was under the table; the other rested on its top. Gone were his expressions of fear, bewilderment, and embarrassment.