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Paul English as Author of introduction, etc. Caroline Snowden See: Guild, C. English as Author Whitney, A. Holmes, Sr. Gustavus C. Vieilles chansons pour les petits enfants avec accompagnements de Ch. See: Drayton, Grace G. Teil 1 German as Author Geschichte des Agathon.

Delivered in Kansas. English as Author of introduction, etc. See: Pitcher, William J. French as Author Wilhelmi, A. The work also gives valuable geographical information. Arguably, this whole plot would have been moot if Mother Gothel had simply lied to Rapunzel about when her birthday was. He couldn't outright delete her code, so he turned her into a glitch, leaving her as a prisoner in her own game; locking up the memories of everyone in the game, including Vanellope herself, and developed a Fantastic Racism against her in order to keep her from racing and resetting the game.

Her true role is revealed when Ralph sees her image on the outside of her game console, showing both that she is supposed to be there and that she is important. At the end of The Da Vinci Code , Sophie Neveu and the hero Robert Langdon have finally followed all the clues and reached the end of the quest to find the "Holy Grail", except they only find the "Grail documents", papers and details that follow the descended bloodline of Jesus Christ. Right at the bottom, Robert shows Sophie that she's the last heir. Played with in A Knight's Tale. When William is in the stocks for masquerading as a noble-born knight, the Black Prince shows up announcing that he has discovered that William is actually the descendant of a distant branch of the royal family, and therefore off the hook.

It is implied that the Prince just made this up because he is impressed by William's courage William was the only one brave enough to joust against the Prince in an earlier tournament. The Prince then makes sure that everyone understands that he makes this pronouncement as the Royal Heir and thus anyone questioning its validity would be committing treason. She is told her late father was the crowned prince of the small European kingdom of Genovia , making her the heir to this kingdom. Now she just needs to learn how to be a proper princess In Spaceballs , Lone Star was raised in a monastery, with only an unreadable medallion to tell him of his past.

Eventually, it is revealed that it is a certificate verifying him as a genuine prince , thereby making him eligible to marry Princess Vespa , and just in time to interrupt her Arranged Marriage. Star Wars : Luke Skywalker discovers that he is the son of Darth Vader ; and also brother to Princess Leia — which turns out to be a useful way of resolving their Love Triangle with Han Tears of the Sun : Lt. Waters and his team have been escorting a U. A local militia has been so doggedly pursuing them for days on end that Waters eventually forces the refugees to reveal the truth: that one of them is actually the last survivor of a deposed royal house whom the militia wants to see dead.

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Bardic Voices : In The Lark and the Wren , once he is encouraged to remember who he is , it turns out that Kestrel is actually the prince of Birnam, fled after his uncle deposed his father and running from the assassins chasing him. However, when they go to confront his uncle, it turns out that his father was the tyrant while his uncle is a good and popular king who only reluctantly sent the assassins in self-defence.

King Belgarion of Riva in The Belgariad is the descendant of a Moses in the Bulrushes , a few hundred years down the line. He has a strange birthmark , and an heirloom sword which he claims from the throne room where it was stored when he finds out his station. Being slightly older, he ends up being heir, and later king, of Archenland, much to his twin brother's relief.

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The Courtship of Princess Leia : Han is outed as the rightful King of Corellia by Threepio who's trying to help him compete with Isolder, a prince , though Corellia's been a republic for centuries. It turns out this isn't true-the ancestor he'd supposedly inherited this from was just a pretender, explaining why Han didn't claim the title before. The Dalemark Quartet : At the climax of The Crown of Dalemark , as a group of characters are trying to decide who will be the next ruler, Mitt wins the competition, which he wasn't trying to do, and to his surprise finds out that he's a direct descendant of the Adon, the last king of Dalemark.

He accepts the crown after some persuasion.

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In Oath of Gold , the third book of The Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy by Elizabeth Moon , Paks takes up the task of locating the rightful king of Lyonya, a man with elven blood and specific birthright powers that make him the only one the elves will accept as ruler. He was stolen by evil forces as a child, and, it turns out, enslaved for some years and forced to endure some terrible things that the book doesn't go into great detail on. A visitor contrived to give him a chance to escape, and he found his way to some distant relatives who didn't realize who he was, but raised him well. He went on to make his own life, and it isn't until Paks figures out who he is that his true purpose and powers are revealed - but it turns out that half a dozen people actually knew where he was, but feared to bring the truth to light, because 1 his time in the hands of the evil ones could have damaged him beyond help specifically, making him an unstable ruler or making him unable to wield the powers needed to perform his duties as king , and 2 until shortly before the story begins, his sister was alive and showed great promise as a ruler.

Throughout the first Deltora Quest series, Lief and his friends are trying to gather the gems to the magical Belt of Deltora so the hidden heir can oust the Shadow Lord. In the middle of the final battle, Lief realizes that the reason why it didn't shine when Jasmine the person who they thought was the heir put it on was because the gems were in the wrong order.

He fixes this and goes to take it to her, putting it on again to free his hands. It promptly shines for him instead, revealing that his parents are the deposed king and queen, merely disguised as a blacksmith and his wife. On the Discworld it's all but admitted out loud that Carrot Ironfoundersson is the long-lost heir to the long-empty throne of Ankh-Morpork. He was found in the wild and raised by dwarfs and still considers himself an unusually tall dwarf , and he has both a crown-shaped birthmark and a Cool Sword which, while not enchanted, is far from ordinary.

Carrot, however, is happy with his position as a captain in the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, has no intention of reclaiming the throne , and even goes out of his way to obfuscate any more evidence he's the lost king of Ankh. Danzi tells Ping in Dragon Keeper Trilogy that she must be the descendent of one of the two dragon keeper families, which is why she is able to hear him. Will, the protagonist, falls in with a con man named Nat, who comes up with a plan to pass off Will as the king's bastard son and therefore the sole heir to the throne.

In the end, it turns out that Nat is both the long-lost king and Will's biological father, meaning that Will really is the heir to the throne. The Dresden Files : Genealogical research prompted by Harry Dresden on a hunch reveals that apparently, all present-day Knights of the Cross are distant descendants of well-remembered royal figures. Probably less of a stretch than some other examples since all the intervening generations necessarily mean that royal DNA had plenty of time to get around, and wielders of the Swords are definitely chosen at least as much for their actual character as for any other reason Heir Apparent : The virtual reality game "Heir Apparent" starts with the player character learning that their birth parents were a servant woman and the now deceased King Cynric, who has named the player the heir to the throne.

Inheritance Cycle. Eragon is the son of a Dragon Rider. When he and Murtagh start comparing their families they discover that they have the same mother; Murtagh later yelling that his father's Cool Sword should have gone to his eldest son not his youngest It later turns out that they are only half-brothers, Eragon's father actually being Brom, also a past Dragon Rider.

The former, despite living her life with her adoptive father near the Red Light District and spending time as an apothecary and later a food taster and investigator for the Emperor's harem after being abducted, is in reality the daughter of a high ranking general who died prior to the story. Jinshi, meanwhile, was thought to be an unusually high ranking eunuch by Mao Mao only to be revealed as a prince of the royal family.

It's this reveal that allows Jinshi to justify making her a serious candidate for marriage. In The Lumatere Chronicles , Froi thinks that he is the orphaned son of Lumaterians lost when the curse cut off the refugees from Lumatere and the scattered across the continent. He then turns out to have the distinctive features of Serka Charionite, revealing that he is the son of the queen and her lover, the inventor who has just been mentoring him.

It comes as a surprise to all three of them and they form a seriously Dysfunctional Family. Simeon from the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series was a foundling with a gold ring revealing him to be a direct descendant of the Fisher King the last ruler of the previous dynasty. By the time he is told at the end of the series, he is left as pretty much the only eligible heir to the throne, and able to marry his girlfriend, daughter of the previous king and the other current claimant. In the Old Kingdom books, Lirael discovers in a vision that her father was the Abhorsen , meaning that she is now the Abhorsen-in-Waiting.

This is why her Clayr seer power never developed. Instead, she ends up with the ability to see the past thanks to her mixed heritage. Something that is much more important to the plot than it seems at first. It turns out the Wizard gave her to a witch, who turned her into a boy , who just happens to be The Perfect Princess , one of the Quentaris Chronicles books, has Tab, an orphan working in the Dung Brigade with a fascination for theatre.

One day, she meets a mysterious stranger who claims to be searching for her on behalf of her mother, her hero the fabled missing Perfect Princess.

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  7. At the last minute she decides that it is all too much pressure and publicly rejects the throne, claiming that it was all a ruse and she is just an actor; then going off to meet her parents. He was supposed to only stay in Tonzimmiel for about ten years before being informed of his. This plan was unwittingly wrecked when Alaric's Tonzimmelian foster parents died and Alaric was spirited off by Tonzimmiel's orphanage system.

    Then a Mysterious Stranger shows up, claiming that Alaric is a prince, and tricks him into going on the titular quest, during which he comes to accept his true heritage. Inverted in Ranger's Apprentice book 8, where a character reveals to the protagonists that he Halt is rightful King of Clonmel, though he left because his slightly younger Evil Twin though "evil" may be pushing it a little attempted to kill him for the throne. Halt being who he is, was never too excited about being a king anyway, so he left. In the book Stardust , Tristan's mother is a kidnapped princess held as a slave.

    So when she and his father's flirtations turn into a wonderful afternoon , she's horrified at the prospect that her son will be just as much a slave as she, so she leaves him at the father's doorstep. Eventually the witch holding her captive is killed, and she tells Tristan his true parentage. Thanks to a lot of plot, a dying proclamation, and fratricidal tendencies on the part of his uncles , Tristan is not only revealed as a member of the royal household but the last surviving male heir to complete the challenge set forth by his grandfather in order to become king.

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