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I stand by I've read a rash of articles with the above title or similar over the last year or so. Some from people I know, others from various lifestyle columnists and random These days, nearly all of us are remote workers at some point if not every day. Sometimes, we tend to get caught up in the amazing benefits that come with the Ed Zitron. Facebook Twitter. You may also like. About the author. View All Posts. How To Be More Creative. Colored and Clear Lights - An analogy on how colored lights draw attention to themselves, while clear lights shine on other things and how this relates to types of personalities.

Driving Away the Shadows - The story of the newspaper clipping President Lincoln kept in his pocket that was found when he was shot. Good Friends Are Good Medicine - The importance of friends, and how Sam Rayburn, when ill, returned to his home in Texas to be among friends, even thought the hospitals were better in Washington, D. Good People - A man driving home after visiting his sick daughter starting "falling apart" and was helped home by some good people truckers also on the road.

Hang On to Each Other - The story of a nurse's love to a dying patient.

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  • Looking for Inspiration? These 10 Articles Will Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spark.!
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Loved Into Action - A story of loving by example. Love Without Measure - A story of unconditional love.

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Love is Understanding - The story of a woman who made doilies when she was upset with her husband. Pillars on Your Porch - How burdens are eased when others care and help.

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Surprised by Joy - The story of service given and being returned in a miracle-like fashion. The Best Gift Ever - A story about President Carter and his wife, and how they came to accept each other's faults and increase their love for each other. The Fable of Mary Lin - A fable about living a life of compassion. They Are All Our Children - A story that illustrates how we should care for all children as if they are our own. They, in return, were devoted to her. Web of Love - Using a ball of yard to illustrate to students how we are all interconnected.

10 Things My Mother Was Right About

What Would You Die For? When Someone Grieves - How to comfort someone who is grieving. Who's Your Best Friend? The qualities of a best friend, as stated by Henry Ford and others. * Inspirational Articles For A Better Life

You are One of Us - How we should all share pain, loss, and even gain. A Conspiracy of Kindness. Encouragement Works. Everything Counts. Forget the Duck. Just Do Something. No Room For Fences.