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These stories are outlandish, uncanny, and telling in the best possible ways.

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Dear Enemy, announces the arrival of an important new voice on the American innovative writing scene—crazy smart, self-aware, energetic, impishly irreverent, and one that takes the broken-backed genre, the impossible liaison, as ways of being in the world, even as the real protagonist of these narrative non-sequiturs remains language: bright, startling, always skewing language.

Dear Enemy, asks the enemy of linearity for bananas of Salinger-like singularity.

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With a matchbook of stimulating quirky literary devices, Jessica Alexander is ready with her Dear Enemy, to light up our hair, our brain, the striking surface of our ignorant taste on fire. She is prepared to turn mothers into a flock of pigeons and obnoxious, drunken people into flames and deaths. Here, she welcomes us into her parodic world of reduction, literature without blinking intermissions, doubts, apologies, or orgies, characters with just enough sexual perversion.

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