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Only catalogues known from other sources were extracted from this periodical. Beraldi, Henri. Paris: Librairie L. Conquet, Beraldi does not provide complete catalogues for all of the artists he lists. Riggs indexed all artists listed by Beraldi, but provided only a volume and page reference for those not fully catalogued. Nogent-le-Roi: Jacques Laget L. Bartsch, Adam et al. The Illustrated Bartsch. New York: Abaris Books, - ongoing. Volumes indexed to January , include: vols.

Not indexed: vols. Gaps in volume run indicate no volume published as of January Bartsch, Adam. Vienna: A. Blumauer, Brun, Carl, et al. Works by Swiss artists only. Selective catalogues are provided for some printmakers, but not all. IPCR indexes only those printmakers with catalogue lists.

Most lists are title only, but measurements millimeters are occasionally provided. Nendeln: Kraus Reprints, Not seen. Reprint, same publisher, Burchard, Ludwig. Berlin: Paul Cassirer, Original title The Burlington magazine for connoisseurs to Le Cabinet de l'amateur et de l'antiquaire Paris. Carey, John Thomas. The American lithograph from its inception to with biographical considerations of twenty lithographers and a check list of their works. Thesis Ohio State University, Les graveurs troyens; recherches sur leur vie et leurs oeuvres. Daulby, Daniel.

Liverpool: J. M'Creery, New York: Collectors Editions Ltd. Dimier, Louis ed. Paris and Brussels: G. Disertori, Benvenuto. I Rami Raimondeschi alla R. Calcografia notizia aggiunta al Bartsch. Florence: Leo S. Olschki, Originally published as an article in Bibliofilia 29 : Calcografia notizia aggiunta al vol. XV del Bartsch. Dussler, Luitpold B. Die Incunabeln der deutschen Lithographie Berlin: Heinrich Tiedemann, I, IV-VI. Other volumes not published. Amsterdam: G. Hissink, not seen. Dutuit does not provide complete catalogues for all the artists he lists.

Complete catalogues in Dutuit are usually based on earlier works [B. Evans A. Additional notes to "Le peintre-graveur" of Bartsch; a descriptive catalogue of nearly four hundred engravings unknown to Bartsch at the period of publication of his invaluable work by artists of whose activities he has given a detailed account. London: A. Fielding, Mantle. American engravers upon copper and steel, biographical sketches and check lists of engravings, a supplement to David McNeely Stauffer's American engravers. Philadelphia: privately printed, , [MH-FA].

Carr, , not seen. To save space, the Print Council Index provides only page references to the engravers in the catalogue. An undated, unpublished index to [F. Entries: 1, entries engravings and etchings only, additional to [St. Described selection. For an index of prints published in [GBA. Les estampes de la Gazette des Beaux-arts, Paris: L'echelle de Jacob, Geisberg, Max. Munich: Hugo Schmidt Verlag, The index volume arranges the prints by artist and assigns numbers to them. Doornspijk: Davaco, not seen. Goncourt, Edmond de, Jules de Goncourt.

Paris: A. Quantin, Paris: E. Dentu, not seen. Paris: Rapilly, Other later editions. Heller, Joseph. Bamberg: J. Herbet, Felix. Fontainebleau: Maurice Bourges, The page numbers cited for Herbet in the individual entries of the Print Council Index refer to the publication in the Annales. Reprint, 5 vols. Amsterdam: B. Isreal, Hollstein, F.

German engravings, etchings and woodcuts ca. Amsterdam: Menno Hertzberger, ongoing. Catalogues are compiled from various primary and secondary sources, and information provided varies greatly within a single catalogue. The Print Council Index indicates only the number of entries and the presence or absence of illustrations, but in addition the catalogues usually give dimensions millimeters or paper fold measure and sometimes inscriptions and states.

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See also [H. New Ger. Hind, Arthur Mayger. Early Italian engraving, a critical catalogue with complete reproduction of all the prints described. London: Bernard Quaritch, Ltd. Engraving in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; a descriptive catalogue with introductions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Hippert, Theodor, J. Brussels: Fr. Oliver, , , [BeA]. Originally published in installments in Le Bibliophile belge nos. Dutch and Flemish etchings, engravings, and woodcuts, ca. Catalogues are frequently compiled from various secondary sources, and information provided varies greatly within a single catalogue.

The Print Council Index indicates only the number of entries and the presence of illustrations, but in addition the catalogues usually give dimensions and sometimes inscriptions and states. New Neth. The new Hollstein: German engravings, etchings and woodcuts, Volume numbers are not provided by the publisher. Imposed volume numbers appear in [ ]. Titles in this series have been issued to stand independently as individual monographs and appear in the Print Council Index under their more specific individual titles.

Volume numbers not provided by the publishers. Frankfurt am Main: J. Bayrhoffer, Le Garrec, , The Print Council Index indicates only the number of entries, but often the catalogue also gives dimensions millimeters , inscriptions, states and descriptions. Reprinted by same publisher, vol. Not illustrated unless noted. The Print Council Index indicates only the number of entries, but in addition the catalogue usually gives dimensions millimeters , and sometimes inscriptions, states, and descriptions.

Roux, Marcel, et al. Covers A -- Lequin. The Print Council Index indicates only the number of entries, but in addition the catalogue usually gives dimensions millimeters , and sometimes inscriptions and descriptions. Laran, Jean, et al. After , title was changed to Jahrbuch der preussischen Kunstsammlungen.

A complete run of this periodical was not available for consultation. Catalogues in the missing volumes have been recorded from [Singer]. Catalogues are extensive or complete and sometimes include measurements pre-metric or paper fold , inscriptions and descriptions. Lawrence, H. French line engravings of the late eighteenth century.

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London: Lawrence and Jellicoe, Ltd. Lawrence and Dighton catalogue only a selection of prints for the artists they list, but those prints are very thoroughly cataloged, with states carefully described. Lehrs, Max. New York: Collectors Editions, [? Lugt, Frits. The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, A bibliography of art sale catalogues from Meyer, Julius et al.

Leipzig: Wilhem Engelmann, Covers A-Bezz. Leipzig: Karl Baedeker, Berlin: Julius Springer, Konstruktiv-Konkretes Sehen. Color illus. As new. BAUM, Julius, ed. Tall 4to, xiv, pp. BAUR, Erwin. Large 8vo, xii, , 2 pp, illus. Erwind Baur , the greatest of German geneticists at the beginning of the century, was the editor of several gentics journals, was the first to breed lupine free of bitter principles, improved several cultured plants, perfromed important research here described on the hybridization of snapdragons, and his analysis of the genetic factors of snapdragons also included is still referred to as a model of scientific explanation.

Sturtevant, A History of Genetics, pp. POPE, Alexander. Leipzig: Insel-Verlag, Black boards, gilt stamped lettering and illus. Limited to copies, of which this is copy no. Lasner C. Zun zweitenmal anitzo aufgeleget und an unterscheidlichen Orten um Merclickes verbessert. Nurnberg: zu finden beJohann Hoffman, With 23 copper-plates by Schallenberger.

Not in Grasse, Brunet. NUC list this ed. Berlin: Gerhardt Verlag, Very good. Marburg: N. In addition to his contributions to clinical anatomy, F. Beneke developed numerous histological staining techniques, used lilac aniline in acetic acid, and was one of the first to recognize the wide distribution of cholesterol in plant and animal tissues and fluids.

Frankfurt am Main : Suhrkamp, With an afterword by Theodore Adorno. Brodersen C6. Nordquist p. Brodersen E Nordquist II. Herausgegeben von Rudolf Hilferding. Nummer 5. Berlin: J. Dietz Nachfolger, May, Nummer 7. Dietz Nachfolger, July, Berlin: Ernst Rowohlt, Slight bump to corner, otherwise nearly fine, in a black linen clamshell.

Brodersen C4. HOLZ, Detlef pseud. Eine Folge von Briefen. Brodersen C5. Brodersen, WB A Biography, pp. Benjamin, Walter, trans. Heidelberg: Richard Weissbach, He suggests that a purpose of translation is to extend the linguistic "boundaries of the German language" and argues against interpreting art on the basis of its audience. As such, these translations were a move to free himself from a man whose influence on his thought and creative output cannot be overestimated" Brodersen, WJ A Biography, p. Brodersen D1. Eine Geschichte seltsamen Inhalts. Berlin: n. Born in , Benkowitz committed suicide in Not in NUC.

The second title is the First Edition of Albano Zyndi, which relates how a poor foundling becomes a rich bridegroom with the help of Zyndi, a gypsy prince.

Bibliographien – Wikisource

NUC lists several other works by Bornschein but none of this title. Goedecke V, , Seine Beschichte und Erscheinungsweise. Berlin: Springer, Tall 8vo, 6 , pp. It gives a clear cut descripton of the psychic and somatic symptons, and should be consulted by whoever is interested in the actions of mescaline. He published a paper on hashish intoxication in The present work, his magnum opus, has been translated into Spanish but not yet into English.

G-M Berlin Catalogue. Utrecht: Hes Publishers, In there were few publications dealing with internal secretion, but Biedl, in the second edition of his book, , was able to include a bibliography of 8, items" Garrison-Morton. Biedl also shows, for the first time, that the adrenal cortex is essential for life. Garrison-Morton , cross-listed, earlier edition. NUC cites 3 copies of this edition. Berlin: Aufbau, A nearly fine copy. According to Bloch, this relation ultimately tends toward a final goal Endziel , in which the subject and object reunite.

The movement toward this goal is made by the primordial stuff that preceded the distinction between subject and object. This hunger remains an aspect of subject and object once they have been distinguished, and history is the playing out of this hunger amidst subject and object. In man hunger becomes desire. Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth, And nature, because it gives its creations specific essential and efficient forms to assure their continued existence, can be seen as creating its own art, a functional art based on survival" E.

Freitag Tall 4to, 48pp, plates 80 in color. Fine in near fine japanese paper dust jacket. Neue Folge. Tall 4to, 22pp, 48 color plates. Beispiele dekorativer Wandmalerei vom Altertum bis zur Mitte des Portfolio worn, small paper defect to margin of booklet, plates clean, very good. Many deteriorated ancient materials have been reconstructed and recolored in these illustrations. Modern black morocco. Bourchier, d. Francisci, Paris. Not in Brunet or Graesse.

Rare; only one copy in NUC. BROD, Max. Ein Roman um Hofmannsthal. Munich: Kindler, Mauve cloth gilt lettered and ornamented, Dust jacket, spine lightly faded otherwise fine, dj very fine. Ausstellung vom Juni bis Juli Light crease to front wrapper, still very good.

Mit Kupfern. Wirzburg: Johann Jacob Stabels Original wrappers rebacked, uncut, unopened, light foxing throughout, engravings neat and clean without fold-tears, overall unusually very good. The volume and its author are not to be found in any of the usual - and unusual - medical references, nor the NUC. Berlin: Schockn, 12mo, brown cloth, paper spine label. Leipzig: Hiersemann, Folio, 65, 3 pp, 25 mounted color lithograph plates. The plates have been produced with extreme fidelity to color and texture.

Vienna: Dr. Rolf Passer, Lightest dustsoiling, spine barely cocked, otherwise fine. War with the Newts, first published in Czech in , is a fanciful romance that satirizes modern science and pseudoscience as well as international politics. Karel Capek , novelist, playwright, and essayist, was the best-known literary figure of liberated Czechoslovakia after A critic of modern science, industrialism, militarism, and totalitarianism, he infused all his work with his philosophical and human interests.

He is commonly remembered as the inventor of the word "robot," from the Czech robotit, used in his drama R. NUC cites 3 copies. A very good copy. He performed his task so rapidly that his German translation, to which he added a preface and footnotes, was published several months before the original French version, which appeared in " Norman Library. Waller Dusseldorf Kunsthalle, Folio, 47 tipped-in color plates. Half morocco over marbled boards, very good. Sein Werden und Seine Ziele. Leipzig, Cloth, with original wrappers bound in. Hagenaw: Henricus Gran [for] Joannis Rynman, Some occasional contemp.

Not only are simpler words included, but parts of speech and genders of nouns are indicated. Furthermore, the dictionary is followed by categorized lists of words, such as the names for different members of a family, and laws. These lists are followed by eight pages of addtional words appended to the work for the first time. Henricus Gran, backed by Joannis Rynman, was distinguished as the first printer at Hagenau, his first publication there having been a work by the lexicographer and poet John Garland; he was also the first printer of the mystical works of the Hungarian Franciscan Oswaldus Pelbartus.

Gran was so appreciative of Rynman, who was, at one time, an editor and typefounder, that he refers to him in the colophon as a circumspectus vir archibibliopola. STC German, p. Cordell p. Brunet IX, p. Heidelberg: Neue akademische Buchhandlung von Karl Goos, Vicaire p. DER Leipzig : S. Fischer, The first novel in the U. Miller, Arthur Maximilian. Mit drei Holzschnitten von Erwin Holzbaur. Mindelheim: Drei Konig Presse, Paper boards, paper label. Inscribed by M. Mittl to R. Prospectus and compliments slip laid in. Frontispiece signed by Holzbaur. Boards slightly bent, spine faded, otherwise very good.

Geneva: Editions Sonor, Sechs farbige Drucke nach Originalen. Berlin: Ludwig Simon Press, ca. With six tipped in color plates. A fine copy. Each plate is titled and the text is printed in red and blue. Original cloth, with El Lissitsky designed dust jacket; some staining to cloth and light rubbing to jacket, otherwise very good.

With the striking dust jacket by El Lissitsky. Rilian dated , 41 large woodcut illustrations, 12 , , 4 ; 4 , 47pp. Old vellum from an antiphonal, evenly browned throughout, final leaf partially detached. The 41 wood-engraved plates, half or nearly full-page, show chemical apparatus and processes, furnaces, and mines. Working as chief inspector of the mines in Bohemia under Emperor Rudolf II, he systematically reviewed the methods of testing alloys and minerals, supervised smelting operations, and wrote with extraordinary clarify of the apparatus and operations involved" Hoover Collection The first edition was printed by Georg Schwartz at Prague, , in folio.

The work was enlarged and entitled Aula Subterranea, and published in " Ferguson. Ferguson I, Rare; no copy has appeared at auction since Anthologie der Erotischen Literatur aus vielen Jahrhunderten. Mit einem Vorwort von Franz Blei. Hamburg: Gala Verlag, Eschen, Fritz. Photographien Berlin Berlin: Nicoli, Tall sq. Near mint. The spirit and daily life of the people of post-World War II Berlin are captured by the celebrated photographer. Berlin: Verlag fur Kunstwissenschaft, Joints cracked but tight, text clean, very good. The work also reports for the first time on the rise of bodily heat production with acromegaly.

Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag, Slight dustsoiling to spine, corners barely bumped, otherwise fine. From the estate of Felix Guggenheim, friend of the author who published his work at the Pazifishe Presse in the s. Paste-paper boards, vellum label. Light external wear, label chipped, text browning. Half green cloth over marbled boards, spine lettered in gilt, speckled edges. It "offered a new picture of a the structure of the mind, introducing the threefold division of the ego, superego and id, broadening the concept of the unconscious mind to include more than just repressed material, distinguishing between unconscious and preconscious, and recognizing the unconscious portions of the ego and superego" Norman Library F Jones III, pp.

Leipzig: Hugo Heller, Light soiling to boards, otherwise fine. Heirs of Hippocrates Norman Library F Van de Kemp Jones II, pp. Amsterdam: Querido, Blue cloth. Gesammelte Werke, Neunter Band. FUNK, Casimir. Later marbled boards, cloth backstrip, paper label, library stamp on title and on rectos of color plates, light soiling to title, otherwise very good.

The eminent Polish biochemist Funk coined the term vitamin for vital amine and discovered thiamine, the first vitamin to be isolated. In examining the link between nutrional deficiency and disease in this work Funk opened the door for many advances in therapeutic and preventive medicine. Much of the previous literature is reviewed. In he postulated his theory of the existence of unknown but essential factors in diet" G-M Heirs of Hippocrates citing the second edition.

Cushing F Lilly p. Oblong 12mo, 31 hand-colored plates. Weimar: Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen, Stiff card wrappers with white wraparound dust jacket printed in black and blue, light foxing along right edge, dj lightly soiled, otherwise very good. The French Book in the 18th Century and Imperial Period thoroughly covers its subject including in-depth discussions of the artists, illustrators, engravers, printers, binders, publishers, booksellers, etc.

Includes supplements, emendments, appendices. Lg 8vo, pp, 64 illustrations most full-page. Strasbourg, [reprinted ca. Quarter calf, slipcase. Gezeichnet von Friedrich Pecht und Arthur von Ramberg. Leipzig: F. Brockhaus, Folio, engraved plates. Light rubbing. Wien: Gottschammel und Hammer, Quarter red cloth over pale brown paper boards, minor soiing to endpapers, otherwise near fine. Scarce in all editions, including this, the sixth. GRAF, Gottfried. Folio, pp, woodcuts throughout. Leipzig: Von Hermann Seemann Nachfolger, ca. Fine copy. With some original marbled samples tipped in.

Second impression. Berlin: Georg Bondi, Soiling to boards, front free endpaper marked in pen, gilt flaking from spine, otherwise fine. He also wrote celebrated biographies of Kleist, Caesar, and Goethe. Appointed to a chair at Heidelberg in , he held almost pontifical authority at that university.

His Shakespeare und der deutsche Geist is recognized as a great contribution to Shakespeare studies. Mainz: Verlag der Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, Large 8vo, 38, iv, 5pp, maps, laid in letter. Small piece torn from back wrapper, very good. Aus allen Zeiten und Breiten gesammelt. Leipzig: Hyperion-Verlag, Attention is accorded to recipes, cooks, drinking songs, gastronomic poetry, famous gourmets, and famous gourmands.

Bitting, Gastronomic Bibliography p. Berlin: George Reimer, Folio, 6 , 48pp, color frontis. Quarter calf, gilt lettered, marbled boards, bookplate, moderate wear at spine extremities, light wear at corners, otherwise very good. Though a devout Sufi, Hafiz C. A beautiful, handsome edition, apparently the third printing from Schahin. Offenbach: Wilhelm Gerstung, Purple pictorial boards, very good. Hartmann von Aue c.

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  • Der arme Heinrich , written while Hartmann recovered his piece of mind after the death of his lord, is considered his best work. Leipzig: Tauchnitz, Very thick 4to, xiv, 2 , pp, leaf of ads, with 24 tinted photographic plates and text illustrations. Half calf, gilt title. Pre-eminent drug historian Bo Holmstedt speaks of "this monumental volume," containing a "gigantic quantity of material Gives a detailed description of all kinds of drugs.

    Wasson, Soma, bibliography no. Phantastica GM Heartfield, John. Berlin: Elefanten Press, Color wrappers, light edge wear, very good. Heckel, Erich. Das Graphische Werk. New York: Ernest Rathenau, Frankfurt: Vittorio Klostermann, NUC cites one copy MU. Sass Frankfurt: Vittoio Klostermann, All is preceded by a forward by Heidegger, who hints at some autobiographical background to these early pieces.

    NUC cites seven copies of all editions. Bonn: Friedrich Cohen, This was issued simultaneously in wrappers and hard-bound. Francke, But Heidegger forbid any mention of the book in the press, prevented any reviews from taking place, and obstructed the separate publication until years later. Hamburg: Hoffman und Kampe, [i. Weimar, ]. Foxing througout, otherwise fine. Braunschweig: Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn, Very good..

    Between and the microscopic anatomy of the cochlea first became known. Among the structures revealed were the rods of Corti strung out in gradually increasing size along the length of the cochlea - analogous, Helmholtz insisted, to the tuned wires of a piano. In Helmholtz boldly hypothesized that these rods function as tuned resonators.. Horblit 49a. Zusammengestellt von Felix A. Berlin: Welt-Verlag, Black cloth backstrip, gilt lettered and ornamented, paper boards, black lettered, very light wear, otherwise near fine.

    In German. Munchen: Omnia-Minireprint, Black cloth, silver lettering. Among the few before the First World War to take an active role in the "reform of the antiquated sexual code that prevailed at the time" Fine, History of Psychoanalysis, p. Havelock Ellis also paid tribute to Hirschfeld in the third edition of Sexual Inversion, lauding him for his "scholarly history of the antiquated laws against homosexuality in Germany, [and for being the] first authority to deal adequately with lesbianism" Grosskurth, Havelock Ellis, p.

    The current four-volume work provides a very comprehensive overview of human sexuality, in terms of its history, its varieties and their causes. About homosexuality in particular Hirschfeld argues that it, as many other varieties of sexuality, is congenital, and that sexual inversion might be caused by internal secretions. Hirschfeld escaped and died in Nice.

    Anton Woensam von Worms, maler und xylograph zu Köln. Sien leben und seine werke.

    Gay, Freud, p. Berlin: Berger, Printed wrappers detached. HIRT, Eduard. Bergman, Orig blue printed wrappers, spine lightly chipped, unopened, very good. Hirt b. Hitschmann hoped to enlighten therapists who were antagonistic or indifferenct to psychoanalysis" Philip Becker, "Edward Hitschmann" in Psychoanalytic Pioneers, p. This edition includes much material not found in the first: explanations of paranoia, references to narcissm and to various points of view about the understanding of the unconscious and of the causes of neuroses, and quotations from more recently appearing difficult works by Freud.

    His voluminous output included psychoanalytic biographies, among which were studies of Goethe, Swedenborg, Eckermann, Brahms, and Boswell. Grinstein, IPL, Alexander et al. Hoffmann, E. Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlag, Orange wraps. Reprint of edition. Leipzig: Ambrosius Barth, Not in Poggendorff.

    Original printed wrappers, inserted in a pamphlet binder. Hamburg: Maximilian-Gesellschaft, First vol in orig. Both near fine in a worn slipcase. Claudio, who has spent his life examining the reflection of life in art but who has never given himself to anyone, is approached by the fiddle-bearing Death. Claudio explains that, as he has not yet really lived, he cannot follow Death. Munich: Munchner Stadtmuseum, Cloth, illus. Stuttgard: F.

    Johann Sebastian BACH: Adagio, BWV 974 [v01b]

    Enke, Joseph H. Kiefer Catalog of History of Urology and Medicine later edition. Variationen Uber Das Thema. Das Weib Als Mann. Orange cloth, gilt lettered, dust jacket, near fine in good dj with large chips to spine. Half calf over speckled boards, calf label. Crease to front board, barest occasional foxing, otherwise fine.

    This edition may be pirated, likely preceding the edition, which is generally considered the true second edition. Hufeland cites the case of Thomas Parr, "whose body was opened in his nd year, [proving] that even at this age, the state of the bowels may be so perfect and sound that one might certainly live some time longer.

    Haller and Hufeland reason that, as an animal lives eight times as long as its period of growth, so too man, "in his natural state" should be able to live eight times the 25 years it takes him to grow.

    Print Council of America

    The "hygenic elite" are working people who lives simply in open air. This present work "was read literally throughout the world" Major II, p. Garrison-Morton Jena ed. Heirs of Hippocrates Jena ed. Osleriana later eds. Lesky later ed. Wellcome III, p. Jena ed. Leipzig: Otto Harassowitz, Versuch einer Kritik der logischen Vernunft. Halle: Max Niemeyer, 8vo, xii, pp. English, Dictionnaire des oeuvres philosophiques , Husserl restates his explanation of the "transcendental ego," also called "pure consciousness," maintaining that it exists "absolutely" and that all else exists "relative" to it.

    Several years later, Husserl changed his position, suggesting that the transcendental ego is "correlative," rather than relative, to the world, and perplexing historians of philosophy to this day. Lapointe p. Risse II, p. Herausgegeben von Martin Heidegger. Halle: Max Niemeyer, Barest external soiling, otherwise fine. Includes a two-page preface by Heidegger. Meine Erfahrung Mit Meskalin.

    Ubersetzt von Herberth E. Piper, Blue boards, white spiral illus. Erzahlung vom grossen Plan. Mit 30 Bildern. Berlin: Malik-Verlag, Stiffcard with photo-illustrated dust jacket, rear panel of dj detatched, light-moderate wear to dj overall, otherwise very good. Noteworthy for the industrial photographs which are reminiscent of the Straight-Photography school in America lead by Paul Strand which found art in the geometry of ordinary and modern objects, often industrial machinery. Authorized translation from the original Russian by Michael Swjetly.

    Jewish theater. Berlin: Die Schmiede, Herausgegeben von Mit Farben Raume und Bauten zu Gestalten Stuttgart: G. Siegle, ca. Oblong 4to, 20pp text printed in gray plus 30 color lithograph plates loose in portfolio. Intended for artists, architects and other professionals, the work is a tour de force of color printing.

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    Some plates are heightened with silver, and the overall effect of the luminous colors is dazzling. Slightly browned. First appearance of a criticism of Bleuler "Theory of Schizophrenic Negativisim. Zurich: Rascher, Second edition, first in Very nice. With a focus on one lengthy dream series, Jung illustrates the concepts of the archetype, quaternity, mandala, and related ideas.

    Vande Kemp Attributing the original stimulus for his idea of psychic synchronicity to his acquaintanceship with Einstein in Zurich between and , Jung presents the concept of synchronicity to mean "the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychic state with one or more external events which appear as meaningful parallels. Also touched upon is the polemic between Kepler and Robert Fludd, through which Pauli suggests that a discrepancy in the presuppostions of natural science and alchemy was revealed most noticably by a dissimilarity in symbolic notation. Dyer p.

    Berlin: S. Green cloth white lettered, Dust jacket, light wear, otherwise very good. Ein Fragment. Leipzig: Kurt Wolff, Original printed wrappers, blue label, very good copy in a cloth folding case. Kafka started to make notes for this work in , using the title Der Verschollene. He describes the boat journey of the sixteen year old Rossman, ordered by his parents to travel to the United States, and his friendship with the stoker whom he encourages to stand up for his own rights.

    Der Heizer appeared as vol. Dietz KANT, Immanuel. Ein philosophischer Entwurf von. Herausgegeben von Wilhelm Herzog. Quarter-cloth, very good. Historisch-kritische Versuche. Leipzig: Franz Deuticke, Crabtree Red boards, black lettered, dust jacket, fine. A strange, surreal yet naturalistic approach to the nude, Pleasure On Its Own has elements of high-pictorialism mixed with traditional contemporary glamour but is shot with unusual anti-models: young children, street models, pregnant women, and lesbian couples who only add to the beauty of these images of posed spontaneity, joy itself.

    Modern full calf, red label, a. Bookplate, light external wear, very good. A superbly engraved collection of prayers in German, divided by subject into sections such as Morning Prayers, Prayers before Communion, Evening Prayers, Prayers for Peace, etc. The quality of the artwork is quite exceptional and includes an extraordinary variety of styles executed with consumate skill.

    The most striking portions are the numerous minutely exectued allegorical vignettes placed above the text of the prayers. Kraus suggested that the work was published in Cologne. Bonacini Jessen, Cat. Ornamentstich Sammlung KERN, Walter. Berlin: Spielmeyer, [ca. Elephant folio 26 x 19 inches , 25 chromolithograph plates. Frankfurt Am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, Titles in french and german on facing pages, separate indexes. Uniformly bound in red cloth, grey d. Lacks vol II, signature to endpapers, ink name written on bottom edges of all volumes.

    Folio, 19 by 18 inches, 16pp text, 30 plates, of which 17 are in color. This is one of numbered copies in German there were also each in French and English. Dortmund: Fr. Ruhfus, Consists of an introductory essay by Klinger in defence of commercial art, followed by black and white reproductions of his work. New York: Martin Gordon, Reprint of the Berlin edition.