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It is no surprise, then, that the area has become a beacon for chess players to meet and play with one another.

Cornell Chronicle

After all, chess and aristocracy go together like salt and pepper. All sorts of folks stop by the Harvard Square chess boards for a friendly game or maybe something more high-stakes. This is where the chess hustlers have seized their opportunity. Camped out at the picnic tables in Harvard Square, these seasoned locals will play with you — for a price. Recently, I decided to challenge one of them to a game or two to see just how skilled they were. I came away from the experience with a newfound desire to improve my understanding of chess, as well as knowledge of a great pastime quite close by.

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For those who have not made the trip, there are a few ways one can get there. This latter route eliminates walking entirely, which has its own benefits. Either way, the chess boards are right in the square , so they are not hard to find upon arrival. When I first got there, I was petrified of playing.

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He looked slightly withered but greeted me with a smile as I introduced myself. However, this can be a difficult situation, since you likely care about what they think of you, and you may even find yourself giving in to their point of view. As hard as it is, you have to move past them as well. Hustlers are able to ignore negative feedback, bad advice, and even criticism from loved ones. As a hustler, you need to make connections with many people in many industries to get your startup out there and help ensure its success.

By nature, hustlers tend to be very social, which is beneficial to the business aspect of your startup. Use your connections as your go-to source for buying what you need for your startup, and the symbiotic relationships will benefit everyone involved. Understand how to treat people well, be genuine in your relationships, and treat your connections fairly.

It will likely take a lot of hard work. You might need to ask friends and family for help or even make cold calls. Be aware of the situation and know when is the right time to use your killer instinct. Showing confidence is especially important for making good first impressions. Carry yourself well and dress to impress to let people know you are ready to hustle. Conduct yourself with confidence without being overly cocky.

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As a hustler, you need to be confident in dealing with others, and you will likely have to take charge of the situation to make sure things get done. You may have been a star student, but out in the real world, you need more than book smarts. As a hustler, you need to have street smarts as well.

Famous Grandmaster Pretends To Be A Beginner! (The Ultimate Hustle!!!)

Many of these situations will require quick decisions and reactions to keep your startup successful. If you want to be a great hustler, you are not going to be able to let off the gas; you will have to outwork everyone else. A successful startup requires much more than a nine to five schedule. Prepare to burn the midnight oil in order to see your startup be successful. We mentioned at the start that talent and luck are typically out of your control.

Osgoode Hall presents stately architecture and a welcome green space. During the holiday season, festive lights illuminate the trees and shrubs of the boulevard.

Unlike most major streets in Toronto, there are no rooftop billboards visible from University Avenue due to a bylaw. A portion of the University line portion of the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line runs the length of University Avenue. University Avenue was originally made up of two streets, College Avenue and University Street, and separated by a fence, but it was eventually removed and the streets were merged.

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Wang helps formerly jailed chess hustlers get back on board | Cornell Chronicle

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