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Thankfully, I was near home, but worrying if you were still out in the dark. Ideally it would have automatically switched to a low power mode, but no such luck. If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the road. Tell us what the light is for, and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it? In simple terms it does indeed achieve that and works well both on and off road. Plenty of mode options to choose from to fit your need. In general it is a very well made aluminium light unit.

Only negative was the sharp edges to the handlebar mount which scratched fairly easily. Well designed unit with heat-sink built in to help cooling.

Night Lights: Tumble and Fall Pro 1200L

Battery pack is too large, though, making it difficult to attach to your frame without getting in the way. The helmet mount is a pain to attach too.

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Easy to use, which was a big plus, making it quick to take on and off. However, the silicone ring used wasn't strong enough to stop it from sliding round when on bumpy roads or off road. Same with the helmet mount. Maybe needs a grippier material on the underside of the light for mounting.

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No noticeable problems with waterproofing. Only worry was having to mount the battery pack under the saddle, which got very wet in bad weather. The water would get inside the outer protective rubber cover, but not into the battery pack itself. Lasts around 2. However the warning time of low battery was minimally low and it didn't automatically swap to a lower power setting, meaning it ran out within 20 minutes of the first warning.

Charging time is reasonable at 4 hours from flat.

Tumble & Fall HALO Light Kit

Performs well at the basic functions of a light, but lacking in the fine detail! Quite a few things could be made better. Both parts of the unit still going strong have a tough month of weather. My worry would be the silicone ring breaking, but it comes with a spare. The light unit itself is great, even when on your head, but the battery pack is large and heavy. It's not hugely noticeable when on your frame or backpack, but still oversized.

But you can tell why it's cheaper when you start to use it. I liked the addition of the halo rings, allowing you to have a flashing light while maintaining a constant beam. Frustrations with not being able to find a spot on the frame for the large battery pack easily, plus the light would rotate round the handlebar a little on bumpy roads. The light does its job, with a range of modes to select from to suit your ride, but loses points on poor finer details and the size of the battery pack.

Taking this all into account, although it deserves maybe an 8 for brightness alone, the overall score has to be lower.

The Verdict

I regularly do the following types of riding: road racing, cyclo-cross, commuting, touring, club rides, sportives. Look at the test shot. Or reflected off the eyes of owls sitting in trees. Or off the moon. On my road bike I use a lumen front light which is find for flat out riding at night. On my off road bike I have a lumen light that is very nice for quick riding off road at night Riding the canal towpath I usually put my fingers over the light if I meet somone - to save them having thier eyes welded to the back of their skulls.

Car drivers are often pissed off even with a lumen light nicely aimed and dipped but don't seem to understand that their headlights are no dimmer. HID car headlamps are in the order of - lumens on low beam. Those drivers who react to my lumen light with the beam aimed at the gutter ahead of me by flashing lumens of main beam in my face - all I can assume is that thes are the same people who put my life at risk and close pass me in daylight because I've delayed them by 20 seconds or so in their journey.

Oh rear light wise I usually have a cheaper blinky 2 led light also - I leave the Strada light on solid and have the blinky because it does catch the attention and is hard to miss. A good reason to have more than one rear light is that you don't always see if it runs out which is dangerous - having two lessens the chance of this The amount of light in the source isn't the problem, the problem is where the light is being directed, which is why car headlights are designed the way that they are according to regulations. As people are always pointing out on here, these LED bulbs which throw light in all directions are inefficient and dazzling for other road users, and the only way around it is to point them so far downwards that it renders the lumens totally pointless.

Why not put the battery in an old bike bottle, the excess wire can also go in there. You've always got another bottle cage to use for a drink. What you are saying is very interesting as it suggests that you don't realise just how blinding it can be to have one of these lights shone at you while driving.

I can tell you it is absolutely blinding and you cannot even see a few yards in front due to the extreme glare. Even lumens is blinding if shining in your direction.

Mountain Biking Magazine

I think its about time these lights were made illegal for road use and bike lights were properly designed with dipped beam as they are in Germany. I feel very conflicted about this. I've never actually experienced a problem with cyclists coming the other way. Lorries, yes, often. Every tractor on the road. A few cars.

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But not bikes, so I suspect a lot of the moaning is the usual ingroup complaining about an outgroup, rather than anything real. Unlike car lights, it's actually quite hard to ensure bike lights are perfectly mounted, especially on handlebars, and the beam pattern of stvzo lights can cause issues.

Tumble & Fall Pro light - BikeRadar

A main beam, which is the other feature of car lights. My current fix is a solarstorm x2, run only when needed, but if anyone has a better solution I am fully aware of how dangerous the lights are which is why my post mentions it, it also mentions that the light was "nicely aimed and dipped" The Strada light has a reasonably aimed beam pattern - the MaXXD does not but its not really intended for on road use.

You cannot "aim" your light any more than you can "aim" a hosepipe spraying water on full spread. You need a light with a shaped beam or you'll dazzle other road users no matter where you aim your light. You can't have a round beam light "Nicely aimed and dipped" unless you are prepared to point it about 3 feet in front of you. I live in a rural area without streetlights so I'm well aware of the situation from both sides of the windscreen and I am firmly in the camp of banning round beam lights on the road.

There's no net benefit to the cyclist of slapping Lumens down the road to avoid potholes if it means you're taking a chance with every oncoming motorist being dazzled. For the motorist - it's another chance to complain about "Bloody Cyclists". In my ideal world bike lights would have dip and full beam just like motor vehicle lights.

That system works well and now that bike lights are approaching the same light output as motor vehicle lights and possible exceeding the outputs achieved when the construction and use regs were put in place I think it's sensible to include bike lights in the same regulations.

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