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Why would they come together as heroes? Netflix will reveal the exact reason for this titanic team-up in their own time, but the notion of outsiders coming together true to the Defenders comics—a great many of its members often eschewed formal teams. This includes characters like the Hulk often away from teams like the Avengers and on his own for the safety of others and Namor who, admittedly, has an entire underwater kingdom to run. Nonetheless, when the threats to the world were great enough, they got off their loner duffs and teamed up. Because of this, the team earned the somewhat affectionate nickname both from readers and, eventually, within the comic itself of being a "non-team" team.

Even some supervillains have been part of the lineup…sort of. In a particularly weird storyline, the unfortunately-named Defender friend Dollar Bill made an unauthorized documentary about the heroes, and once it aired, everyone and their brother wanted to become a Defender. In a way, this was its own kind of editorial meta-joke about the slack requirements for membership and rotating cast of heroes, but it eventually led to a group of villains including the Sagittarius and Libra calling themselves the Defenders in order to besmirch the honor of the actual group.

This wouldn't be the team's only brush with a kind of unofficial supervillain representation. At one point, they had to face a team that was hand-picked by the Collector in order to deal with them. This ersatz villain team was named the Offenders in order to add insult to injury. Fortunately, the resolution of this particular conflict restored both heroes and villains to their normal lives with no memory of what had happened; only the readers had to bear the burden of remembering the storyline. One of the things that sets Netflix's Marvel Cinematic Universe apart from their big- and small-screen counterparts is the casual use of profanity and other vulgar language.

For instance, it's tough to imagine Captain America or Iron Man saying "I don't give a bag of d—- what kinky s— you're into," but that's just another scene for Jessica Jones.

The defenders

Historically, this kind of language doesn't fly in most mainstream comics because of things like the Comics Code, so it would be reasonable to assume that the Netflix Defenders will be more vulgar than their comics counterpart. And while that may be true on the whole, there's a truly bizarre story about how the original Defenders were no strangers to shocking profanity.

Artist Don Perlin, who worked on the Defenders comics, had a relatively unique habit: he liked to draw and write weird things in the margins and sometimes even the panels of his comics. His logic was that the editors would catch it and remove it and everyone would have a good laugh. In one issue, he drew a picture of a cartoon rabbit holding up a box of cereal on a TV screen for a panel, and for giggles, he labeled the cereal "S—" as its name. The panel, including profanity, was fully inked and the comic printed, making it the first time a Comics Code-approved book included profanity.

His editors were understandably angry, but Perlin held his ground and pointed out that at least four other people had to read and approve it. They essentially let Perlin off with a warning…and a requirement that he stop writing weird little jokes for editors to take out.

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The "official" status of superhero teams tends to vary pretty wildly. For instance, the Avengers and by extension, S.

Other teams, most notably The X-Men, are often feared by the public or, at best, seen as vigilantes mucking about in things they shouldn't. Given the makeup of the team, it seems highly likely that the Netflix Defenders will be in the latter position, but this hasn't always been the case with their comics counterparts. Once upon a time, the comics Defenders worked for the government—or at the very least, they had government clearance.

They once fought the awesomely-named Secret Empire while many of Earth's better-known heroes were away during the original Secret Wars crossover event. At the end, the good guys won, and for their efforts, they were honored with official government clearance. This particularly pleased the Beast, who wanted this infamous "non-team team" to be more official. Jessica Jones hunts down Kilgrave. Jessica Jones was an enhanced human who used to be a victim of the mind-controlling Kilgrave. She broke free of his control in an accident that caused Reva Connors 's death and Kilgrave's disappearance.

She began working as a private investigator and was eventually contracted to investigate Hope Shlottman. This investigation led to Jones discovering Kilgrave's survival. Jones managed to kill him but couldn't prevent the death of Shlottman and many innocent people were harmed by Kilgrave.

The untold truth of the Defenders

Luke Cage stops Cottonmouth 's activities. In the community of Harlem , there was an enhanced individual known as Luke Cage who had bulletproof skin. Cage kept a low profile due to being an escapee from Seagate Prison. When his close friend, Pop was killed by Cottonmouth's enforcer Tone , Cage began a fight to rid Harlem of crime. During the conflict, Diamondback revealed himself to the underworld of Harlem and began a vicious campaign against Cage, due to their past and to Diamondback's personal vendetta against Cage.

Cage managed to defeat Diamondback and get him arrested, but the fight caused Cage's real identity, "Carl Lucus" to be exposed. The authorities arrested Cage and returned him to Seagate Prison. Danny Rand returns to New York City. Having spent years training in the mystical city of K'un-Lun , Rand had become an accomplished martial artist and latest user of the Iron Fist. Rand managed to reclaim his fortune, which led into a conflict against the Hand who held influence over his company through Harold Meachum.

As the sworn enemy of the Hand, Iron Fist fought against them and succeeded in driving the Hand out of his company.

His decision to leave K'un-Lun also resulted in the city getting attacked by the Hand. Matt Murdock meets Jessica Jones. When the Hand made their move on New York City , their action attracted the attention of the four street vigilantes. Jessica Jones investigation on the missing John Raymond led her to discover his involvement with the Hand. During her investigation, she was arrested by Misty Knight due to stealing evidence.

Iron Fist fights against Luke Cage.

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Luke Cage was pardoned from his crime due to evidence recovered by Bobby Fish. Cage learned that Cole was under the payroll of Sowande , also known as White Hat. During his task, he encountered Iron Fist , who has returned to New York to continue his fight against the Hand. Danny Rand 's own investigation led to their encounter. The four street vigilantes were united for the first time when their individuals goals led them to Midland Circle. A fierce battle ensued in the Midland Circle Building, where the Defenders fought together for the first time against the Hand led by Alexandra Reid , who had resurrected Elektra as her enforcer.

They managed to defeat their attackers and made their escape from Midland Circle. They found shelter at Royal Dragon restaurant to regroup. Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.

After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he's been given the power of super speed, becoming the Flash, fighting crime in Central City. A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal - to save New York City. This is the story of four solitary figures, burdened with their own personal challenges, who realize they just might be stronger when teamed together.

I remember being so hyped to the leadup of this show. As far as myself and others were concerned, this was an event that could be compared to the Avengers team up, but for TV. The night it released, I binged the majority of the season. Having watched all of it at once, I really loved the show.

My hype was kept throughout, and I didn't really see any negatives because of the pace I watched it at. I saved the finale for the next day, and found it to be an excellent ending to the miniseries. I enjoyed each of their solo shows, with Daredevil being my favorite, and was most excited for the interactions between the characters. In that regard, it didn't disappoint. Not one bit. The way that these characters squabble, you really feel that MCU wit, and comedic timing seep through. My personal favorite part was watching the interactions between Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

They played off of each other extremely well. The other Defenders and the relationships between them were also the highlights of the series.

Daredevil and the Defenders Could Potentially Be Removed From Netflix

The acting was great, especially by the 4 main characters. Sigourney Weaver as the antagonist was an interesting choice, and I thought fleshing out the Hand was definitely interesting. She did a great job with what she was given. I only wish she had a bit more of a focus. That being said, I still love Elektra and the role she had in this season. Wish that The Punisher showed up and joined the team. The characters, all remain as great as they were in their own shows and manage to feel the same. The blending of these 4 characters and their worlds was something that is no small feat.

I found it to be a success in that regard. In the first episode, using Red lighting for Daredevil scenes, purple for Jessica, green for Iron Fist and yellow for Luke Cage was something that only added to the atmosphere of the show. I loved it. Looking at the series overall, it is very enjoyable. There are not many episodes, so it doesn't feel overlong. Personally, I found the start of the series the first 2 episodes , to be very slow, as they were utilized more to check in with each of the 4 main characters.

It definitely picks up once the team unites at the headquarters though. The fight scenes, that one specifically, were so fun to watch. That being said, after rewatching the show again recently, I realize that it could've been a lot better. I still find it to be incredibly underrated though. Give this show a watch if you love Marvel. Personally I'd recommend watching Daredevil seasons 1 and 2 first. Maybe Iron Fist season 1 too. Otherwise, you can use this series as an introduction to the other 3 characters, and then go watch their shows from there.

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