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Ray Ortlund Pastor, Immanuel Church. Thom S. John M.

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Hipp Professor of Dogmatic Theology, St. Maleness and femaleness afford a primary basis for human beings to define their personhood and their relationships with God and each other Ps. God created male and female to complement one another Gen.

God's Design for Sexuality (Part Two)

Together they were given responsibility for dominion over and care for the earth, and for procreation Gen. They were created with an intrinsic longing and desire for one another, physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually Gen. With the creation of the sexes, each came to understand self and other Gen. Each saw the other as one corresponding to their being, one equal but different, someone to love who would love in return Gen.

Human sexuality and relationships

The Bible presents a wholistic view of human beings with no dichotomy between body and spirit Gen. In both the Old and New Testaments, sexuality is clearly regarded as a valuable gift from God, to be received with gratitude and freely enjoyed within the marriage relationship Gen. Sexual expression within marriage is portrayed as wholesome and honorable Ps. In marriage, God intended that one man and one woman would be joined together for life by covenant promise Gen.

This marriage relationship is described as one flesh Gen.

Sexual Ethics and Islam

The Scripture affirms sexual pleasure between husband and wife for its unitive purposes, apart from procreation. God intends for the sexual relationship to bond husband and wife together as they bring to one another companionship, emotional support, spiritual fulfillment, joy and sexual pleasure Gen. Such a relationship provides the most secure environment for the care and nurture of children Eph.