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In this novel, Kuliano, a twelve year old Hawaiian orphan attempts to return to Kauai after being forcibly brought to Oahu to show the benefits of upward mobility for Hawaiians who cooperate with the capitalist sugar-cane owners in the early nineteen hundreds. Writer's Digest says:. European and Hawaiian.

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This novel also outlines Tibetan Buddhist principles for living and dying. Are there really , lbs. Barrier Reef as Greenpeace suggests? Writer's Digest says " What most impressed me about this book was its unique setting and diverse characters working together, working against one another and mainly the setting contributing or disturbing characters'wants.

The setting - circumnavigating the Australia coastline - and the dynamic personalities involved create strong conflict within the book. King Kamehameha's favorite wife Ka'ahumanu is brought back to present day Hawaii by angry Hawaiian deities to view modern day Hawaii and evaluate whether her decisions were beneficial for her people in the long run. Writer's Digest says: "I was impressed by this author's encyclopedic knowledge of Hawaiian culture, customs and history.

I also like the political conscience that guides the novel.

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The is a book written for a reason. Of the characters, I was most interested in Kapeka and the Voice she hears. And - it almost goes without saying - this novel has a very strong sense of place, communicated not only in visual detail, but in a well-crafted sense of mood and atmosphere. This novel followed working in a state Institution in the 's. The novel is an adventure story between a physically disabled person and a medical professional after he escapes from a state Institution for the mentally handicapped where he has been erroneously placed.

I never suspected that I would have to learn how to live — that there were specific disciplines and ways of seeing the world I had to master before I could awaken to a simple, happy, uncomplicated life. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. He hardly knows which is which; he simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.

The Power of Coincidence | Psychology Today

To him he is always doing both. It asks too little of yourself. What do you give a shit about? Take This Action: To help find your values, question things. Try stuff out. Do the opposite of what you were told. Step outside of the box. The cool thing about comfort zones is that when we step outta them, they grow! We search for an understanding of how to live in an age that will soon no longer exist.

I am a bubble in space-time, an organic organism that will soon burst apart. I need to know why I lived.

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Immersion in all facets of life allows us to experience the full sweep of living purposefully. Every civilization will flounder and fail, but out of these ruins, a few good people will emerge to lead us into new chapters of civilization. Until that compressed moment of elucidation arrives, many people including me mesmerize ourselves by raking in guilt-lined pleasures as fast as we can. Lost in the erratic shuffle of daily forging is the modest precept that it is how we live that defines us.

It is also brief. No generation is invulnerable to the formidable and grave powers of creation and obliteration that time renders. We can tilt the odds in our favor of living happily to a ripe old age by displaying a high degree of awareness and exercising self-control. We must rightfully display pride in our lives by claiming responsibility for ourselves and by taking on every challenge without mental equivocation.

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I seek to conquer personal fears and employ honest effort, energy, endurance, and enthusiasm supplemented with booster shots of intellectual integrity to become my personal master. Self-mastery, self-discipline, conscientious study, uncompromising integrity, and ethical awareness form the foundation stones of all religions and these qualities anchor every person of high character. While no personal medicine wheel is without faults and frailties, a person who exhibits an annealed temperament constantly searches inward to improve him or herself while maintaining a vigilant eye upon fulfilling their caregiver responsibilities.

That verse is so universally relatable.

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  6. We undergo many trials before we discover the right way to live and delve the proper purpose of life. An ignorant person cannot discern their weakness or comprehend how to make the most of their innate ability. A fearful person spends their life worrying instead of working to gain knowledge and accomplish valuable tasks.

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    The option to begin afresh does not exist. The past days and nights were the sacrificial coals that fired an internal furnace. The dying embers fueled my present being. I need to locate new nutrients to revitalize an unfulfilled soul. I seek to unearth fresh energy sources and forge a renewed resoluteness to slog through the remainder of this gaseous and hard-pressed sojourn. Any prior personal inspiration for living righteously was lost on a remote outpost somewhere along the fractured trail.