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Write a Business card on steroids – 5000 words to build your brand

The online company, which supplies graphic design and printing services primarily to small businesses, did not have the resources to launch a big-budget marketing campaign. So, why not give away business cards? What better way to market virally than with the very cornerstone of small businesses everywhere?

The catch? Now, the company has more than 5 million customers and receives about 10, orders per day and gains , new customers per month. The company, which recently went public, wouldn't disclose how much it costs to print the free cards, but over the past five years it spent about one-third of its revenue on marketing.

Marketing on Steroids with a Self-Published Book

The classic case study of viral marketing is Microsoft Hotmail, which put a marketing message at the end of each e-mail to encourage the e-mail recipient to sign-up for the free service. Since then, there have been a myriad of successful examples, such as Skype and Craigslist. Founded in , GlobalSpec is a search engine for engineers to locate components, products and services.

We needed to create a campaign that would attract their attention and generate excitement--while strengthening the GlobalSpec brand among this core audience.

It’s True; a Book Really Is a Business Card on Steroids

The result was The Treb Challenge, an online game of physics that allows players to custom build a trebuchet a medieval siege warfare weapon , and then see how well they score in distance, accuracy and power. In its first three months, The Treb Challenge was forwarded more than 12, times, with over , unique users playing the game. Since its launch in February, the video site has attracted , visitors.

A good example is Skype, which provides quality telephone services for free.

Write a Business card on steroids – 5000 words to build your brand

Skype, which eBay agreed to acquire last month, lets users make free calls over the Internet to anyone, anywhere as long as the other party also has Skype. In other words, it encourages users to get others to sign up.

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Questions to ask: Who are the influencers? How do they communicate? Who are the referrers? What is a Business Card On Steroids? So, if you want a business card that stands out and positions your particular genius, consider either writing a Business Card On Steroids or having one written for you.

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Close About Courses Blog Connect. Site Map. It is a 3 — 5 word book that is useful to your target market.

Your Business Card on Steroids

It is actually of some use to your prospective clients. It is a sublime positioning tool for you.

LinkedIn Diva: Put Your LinkedIn Summary on Steroids

Who should write a Business Card On Steroids? Anybody that is in business for themselves Corporations who have a number of products or services.