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He died after a short and unexpected illness in the German Hospital in Beijing. As a paleontologist, Jaekel specialized in the study of fossil vertebrates , particularly fishes and reptiles. However, 27 of his publications were about echinodermata. In addition, he wrote about politics, literature and art. He was an accomplished painter, and used his skills to produce landscape paintings that illustrate the geology of the Pomeranian coast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Otto Jaekel. Paleontology Paleobiology. Teichert, Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology.

Namespaces Article Talk. Published by Sveucilisna litografija, Croatia About this Item: Sveucilisna litografija, Croatia, Soft cover. Condition: Fair. Textbook in Croatian about systematics of higher plants. It's in a fair condition. Published by Sudwest Verlag, Germany About this Item: Sudwest Verlag, Germany, Condition: Very Good.

Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. Dies alles ist hier noch - und heute noch - Erlebnis. Published by Thames Hudson, London, U. Dust Jacket Condition: Good. For the first time, a general survey of the whole world's plant file, in text and pictures, is presented in a form acceptable to the general reader.

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Botanists have their 'Floras' of this or that region, and a few large, many-volumed works of reference that truly merit the word 'comprehensive'. But Drs de Wit and Boedijn, both botanists of high standing, set themselves a different task: to describe and illustrate all the major plant families of the world, for the reader who has had no botanical training. The result is a fascinating journey of discovery, in which scientific names at first sight so alarming, prove to be easily legible signposts. Each plant's habitat is described, with its history, uses, country lore, the story behind the name, and much other information.

The fist volume starts with the 'living fossil' the gingko, and the pines and other evergreens, and takes the reader on an evolutionary ride through families, including such plants as magnolias, buttercups, willows and promroses.

Microvertebrates from the Silurian–Devonian bound… – Atlantic Geology – Érudit

Over illustrations in colour and black and white, the fruit of several years' travel in every continent, bring the world of plants and flowers to vivid and beautiful life. Vital issue for this painter is how to simultaneously withdraw from his creation and live in it. How to create new ways of communication based on arts and crafts, sensitivity and calculated efficiency? To attempt to broaden not only the painting, but the concept of the painting, which inevitably qualifies his work as experimental and searching, and - above all, symbolic.

In his approach and habit, Katic is "classical" and also romantic artist. He loves both safety and rick, to create and accept the created. Like Matisse, he is simultaneously the opponent and champion of the convention. Besides the painterly sophistication, thoroughness, wisdom and expressiveness, Katic demonstrates an expressive intellectual view. More importantly, his oeuvre reveals organization of the psyche, not only of the structure. A lavish bilingual Croatian and German edition with color reproduction. Parac knew that great art is a must for a small nation, and that strong personalities, leaders and prophets will be revered.

Die Wirbeltiere : Eine Übersicht über die fossilen und lebenden Formen

Still, he could not help but despair before the enigma of art. He admired the great painting that, according to Delacroix, solved all of its problems long before in the Renaissance period. Parac hold painting to be almost a private affair, occasionally expressing mild self-criticism toward his "useless" preoccupation.

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  • Microvertebrates from the Silurian–Devonian bound… – Atlantic Geology – Érudit?
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Still, the very next day will thank his fate for assigning him the duty to pursue a task where a man is incessantly - to rephrase Pound - turned to himself. Having closely followed the sculptural creations by Sofija Naletilic Penavusa, a process further enriched by personal contacts with the sculptress, Professor Vlasta Gracin has given us an in-depth study which reveals not only a studious and thorough analysis of the sculptress' opus, but she has also splendidly succeeded in defining the right place for her work, not only within the cultural and historical environment to which she belonged but also within the artistic and sculptural events of the times.

Written in a manner that is both warm and humorous, emanating a desire not to explain but rather to initiate the reader into a wondrous world of contemplation and creativity, and generously offering her own understanding of that same world, the authoress has presented us with a work of literature of exceptional interest, the publication of which would also become a cornerstone in the studies of what has become known as naive sculpture, as well as rounding off the picture of contemporary Croatian sculpture as a whole. The visual expression of Maja Malesevic Dolencic is a peculiar and subtle meditation about woman.

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In the forty years of Maja's artistic work, she puts the woman in the focus of her paintings' externalization, shaping the forms with a characteristic handwriting, with hollow lines in focus. Works are lyrical scenes of the experience of life observed with the sensitivity of a woman, who paints and looks on the outside, but also brings her soul into everyday and imaginary scenes. The beauty of a woman is also pervasive in her sensuality, but even more in her love for life.

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The number of motifs is depleted by the inner trembling of the emotional and existential being expressed in the mindset of the movement, which does not exclude the immediacy of the gesture. The painting by Marijana Muljevic has always belonged to a type of unique fine art of iconic-morphological and poetic quality. Her opus, hardly comparable regarding quantity and quality in the recent Croatian contemporary painting, was already in its beginnings in mid seventies of the twentieth century recognised as a painting expression which inside itself continuously changed and experienced its own unique categories of iconography and meaning, although, seen from the outside, in its structure it often seemed closed and restrained.

With regard to a certain hermetic characteristic of Marijana Muljevic's opus, many interpreters of fine art have been a bit perplexed about it, either they were unable to elaborate it more precisely due to a sort of admiration, or it opened up too wide a range of possible inspirational interpretations. The work of Simunovic eludes strict classifications and fashionable movements that used to last a season or a decade. However, we might justifiably locate him into the sixties and eighties, however much we connected him with enformel or op-art, he, in fact, crossed the bridge to the other side towards historical avant-garde and towards some constants of visual expression in general.

His creativity is primarily, with all the dilemmas and achievements, in detours or dissimilarities, creations and solutions, interesting and insufficiently recognized and evaluated chapter of the past century Zagreb visual art scene and Croatian visual art at the turn from late modernism into post-moderna. In socio-political environment, determined by social realism ideology, artists of this generation are connected by common experience of cultural vacuum, which was - although lasting relatively shortly - enough to prevent generational connections with the world of contemporary art and aggravate unobstructed development of creative self-awareness.

This generation - that went through the experience of social realism - found itself in the position which needs to build bypasses towards the contemporary expression and tradition.

Fil d'Ariane

Pohl, Adrian Morris. The monograph was printed in two separate editions, in Croatian and English, with a 24x30 cm format in hard cover. It was printed on pages, works and photos were reproduced.

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