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The Weekly Review: A Productivity Ritual to Get More Done

Unlike email and group chat, Twist lets you choose who gets notified about a specific thread or comment. Twist is built for asynchronous communication, but sometimes you just need to hop on a call to hash things out. You can start a video call in seconds without ever leaving the Twist app via our Appear.

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To install the integration, simply head to twistapp. Anybody can click the link to join the video chat. With Twist, you can automate your regular team updates with the Team Check-In integration.

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Once installed , a new check-in thread will be posted every week or month or whatever time period you want with an introductory text that you write yourself. It makes it easy for everyone to know what everyone else is up to and helps hold the team accountable with minimal extra time required. Save time and headaches by streaming notifications from your apps directly into Twist. With our Zapier integration, you can access over apps with workflows like:.

The possibilities are limitless, so find the workflows that fit into your day. Snooze all notifications for a certain amount of time — anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours to get into a state of deep work. Going on vacation? Arthur Mitchell.

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Coming Together: With a Twist

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