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The two volumes of Celtic folk tales collected by the leading British folklorist Joseph Jacobs introduced the children of the world to the special vision and color, the unique magic of the Celtic folk imagination. The 26 stories of "Guleesh," "The Horned Women," "King O'Toole and His Goose," "The Sea-Maiden," "The Shee An Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire," "The Lad with the Goat-Skin," the legendary "Dierdre," "Beth Gellert," and the other wonderful characters, the curses and hexes, the broken promises and granted wishes are accompanied byeight full-page plates, 37 drawings, and decorated capitals and endpieces that help make this book the charming one that generations of youngsters have proclaimed it to be.

See all Product description. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I have owned this book for years and read the stories to my son growing up. This collection is superior to a lot of others in that it presents a wide variety of stories - from silly fairy stories to more dramatic folk tales.

It also gives a broader variety of countries, including genuine Welsh, Irish, and Scottish tales. It is an excellent sampler of the folklore of the Celts, and just plain fun to read. This is a solid book of Celtic fairy tales compiled and edited by Joseph Jacobs.

Irish Folktales and Celtic Fairy Tale Picture Books

Some of the stories are related to bronze-age epics, which means they have more parts in verse, and more named characters than typical fairy tales. Other stories are just what you'd expect in a book of fairy tales. While probably appropriate for all audiences, most older fairy tale books should be read over once before being shared with children--though I don't think this volume had anything much worse than that guy who married a second wife while looking for his first and had a kid with her.

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And many the venomous shoe, if your kids are scared of shoes I know I find them terrifying. Also, grammar takes a vacation in at least one of the stories. There are no illustrations, and the table of contents is of low quality. Also, the first letter of each story was dropped probably they were illuminated, and the scanner couldn't recognize them.

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What a misleading title Did the editors really think kids would be charmed by this seemingly traditional book e. There are no such educational options on the U. Grimm, Andersen, etc were "gatherers of folk tales", they used their wit and talent to adjust the stories they collected -- this book would have benefited everyone from that kind of well-meaning approach. I wanted to use this book in my English classes, but it is useless.

I like this book for some easy reading, and fun. In these tales third-born sons seek their fortunes, lovely princesses are blown away by gusts of wind, cunning tricksters steal treasures from dragons, wicked wizards chase after their apprentices, and wise animals help their friends. Featuring giants, duels, man-eating swamp rats and, of course, true love, Goldman's funny and poignant lampoon of the fairy-tale tradition has inadvertently become a classic of the genre.

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