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Similar books. Soil erosion problems on an Alfisol in western Nigeria and their control. Ibadan, Nigeria. Sustainable land use systems and soil resilence. In Soil resilence and sustainable land use. Changes in properties of a newly cleared tropical Alfisol as affected by mulching. In Soil Sci. Landers, J. Zero tillage development in tropical Brazil. In Conservation Tillage for Sustainable Agriculture. International Workshop , Harare, Zimbabwe June eds.

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Advances in Agronomy, Volume 98

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Stewart, B. Water conservation technology in rainfed and dryland agriculture. Texas, USA. Stewart, J. Response farming in rainfed agriculture. Evaluation and promotion of rainwater harvesting in semi-arid areas of Tanzania. Research report.

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First interim technical report. Tanzania: Sokoine University of Agriculture. Special issue on rainwater harvesting for crop production in semi-arid Tanzania. In Tanzania J. ISSN X. Annual report. Thomas, D.