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A Story Without an End.

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The Little Joke A Joke. A Nightmare. Strong Impressions. A Happy Man. A Day in the Country. At a Summer Villa. Romance with Double-Bass. Panic Fears. The Chemist's Wife. Not Wanted. The Schoolmaster. The Husband. A Pink Stocking. The First-class Passenger. The Dependents. The Jeune Premier. In the Dark. A Trivial Incident.

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A Tripping Tongue. A Trifle from Life. Difficult People.

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In the Court. A Peculiar Man. Dreams [Daydreams]. Excellent People. An Incident.

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Verochka Verotchka. Shrove Tuesday. A Defenceless Creature. A Bad Business. The Lottery Ticket. Too Early! In Passion Week. A Mystery. The Cossack. The Letter. An Adventure. The Examining Magistrate. Happiness Fortune. Bad Weather.

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A Drama A Play. A Transgression. A Father. A Happy Ending. In the Coach-house. The Doctor. The Reed-Pipe The Pipe. An Avenger. The Post. A Problem.

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The Old House. Expensive Lessons. The Lion and The Sun Text. In Trouble [A Misfortune]. The Kiss. A Lady's Story [Natalia Vladimirovna]. A Story Without a Title. Sleepy [Let Me Sleep]. The Steppe The Story of a Journey novella. The Beauties. The Party [The Name-day Party]. The Princess. November The Wife My Wife. Russian Phrases In the Restaurant. Russian Phrases Shopping Phrases.

Russian Phrases Perturbation and sharp response, criticism. Russian Phrases Business Relationships and Negotiation. Russian Phrases For Your Travel. Russian Phrases Information and Alert Signs. Russian Phrases Compliments and Kind words. Russian phrases Recourse and question. We thought you may need to know what and how to say things in places like restaurant or coffee shops.

People will think you are a smart and elegant person with highly distinguished Russian etiquette. Use them more often:. Did you have experience in shopping in Russia? Or maybe you thought what it would be like? What we can tell you for sure is that not all places have English speaking employees. You may need to exercise your Russian speaking skills to explain what you want and what you are ready to pay for it. We made a list of Russian phrases that will improve your vocabulary and increase your understanding of the workers in any shop of Russia or Post Soviet area.

Please study those phrases and use them every day for better memorization:. We do know you are a gentleman and educated person. As an intellectual and self-confident person, you would rather give sharp and quick response on any bad actions from your critic or stranger.

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But not say obscene words or even worst, punch him in the face. Here is the list of Russian phrases with smart and highly intelligent responses for different situations and circumstances. You say the right phrase in a specific moment and your critics will understand that you are strong in your convictions and will fight for your rights and smart enough to control the situation while avoiding conflict.

Learn those phrases well and save the web link somewhere to make sure you can repeat them if you have a need. Because, you got invited to their home.

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They are happy to have you as a guest and share friendly moments with you over a cup of tea or coffee. They are talkative and easy to get along. If you are doing business in Russia or working with Russians, then this following list of Russian phrases will help with business terminology. Learning this list like the back of your hand will give you a vast vocabulary of business lingo and improve your Russian negotiaion skills incredibly.

Your native language is full different variations for similar meaning sentences and you are willing to express your thoughts in much wider perspective. When you learn those phrases and exercise them in your speech then you can feel yourself comfortable with real Russian language. They used to tell what they think in the manner they like. If you want to understand the speech better and participate more in Russian dialogue then you should memorize those phrases today. What do you need to know when you arrive in Russia? Be able to find your way around and get to any destination.

With this list of Russian traveling phrases, you will expand your Russian vocabulary and cover essential gaps of the speaking skills.