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Kennedy who officially put NASA's human spaceflight program on course for the moon in the early s. Educators need to take the hoax issue seriously and make an effort to answer questions, especially those posed by young people, about the Apollo landings, he added. Nobody has set foot on the gray lunar dirt since December , when the Apollo 17 astronauts departed for Earth. But that could change soon. The space agency's current plan calls for the construction of a small, moon-orbiting space station called the Gateway, which will serve as a jumping-off point for robotic and crewed sorties to the lunar surface.

Belief in Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Could Spread as Memory of Apollo Recedes

NASA intends to build a sustainable, long-term outpost on the lunar surface over time. The lessons learned by living and working on and around the moon will then inform the next giant leap — the crewed exploration of Mars. Follow him on Twitter michaeldwall.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Cold Conspiracies Part 2

Follow us on Twitter Spacedotcom or Facebook. Her mother told the South African authorities that she had been conducting AIDS research for the militia at the time, according to contemporaneous documents. Much is unknown about the militia, and it is difficult to sort fact from fiction. Its leader, Keith Maxwell, had claimed that it was rooted in British admiralty traditions and traced its lineage to the early s. When the Hammarskjold documents surfaced in the late s, government officials and experts puzzled over what to make of them. Many dismissed them as forgeries or the product of a Soviet disinformation campaign.

Whatever the group was in that era, by the s and early s it appeared to be a mercenary organization. Maxwell, who reportedly died in , also ran medical clinics of some kind in South Africa, though he was not a doctor. And he claimed publicly that AIDS would ultimately be good for humanity and would decimate the black population in South Africa.


But his interest in AIDS is far from proof of a successful germ warfare campaign. Maxwell in the late s for the satirical magazine The Laughing Stock. Hadland, now a professor at the University of Stirling in Scotland, cautioned against taking any of Mr. Brugger as racist, but he said he was playing a role in order to reveal hidden truths.

Cold Conspiracy

The film critic A. Scott, writing in The Times, questioned whether Mr. Brugger was trustworthy. Like the mystery of Mr. It began as Soviet disinformation, with K.

Conspiracy: - Channel 5

What could this mean? We think: Is he going to dig up a smoking gun? Its founder and leader? Keith Maxwell, the man in the safari uniform.

He was a trainer of mercenaries and a devout white supremacist; he was also a little nuts. He liked to dress in 19th-century naval regalia and wrote screw-loose diaries. And what he was up to, according to the movie, was big.

Nothing less than a way to reshape the world on racist grounds. The Times story that appeared on Jan. I saw the movie several weeks ago it was pre-screened for critics before Sundance , but have waited to write about it until some of this follow-up information could get out there. I now believe The New York Times more.

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This is what a contingent of people in South Africa, allied with the government, at least wanted to do. And it chills us.