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The center was filled with plums, candied lemon peel, and other fruits, and the entire cake was tied up in a cloth and boiled for several hours. Then it was brushed with egg and baked, giving the crust a consistency not unlike that of wood, with an ornamental border that made it look like a crown. As early as the fourteenth century, it was the custom for young people to carry simnels as gifts for their mothers on Mid-Lent or Mothering Sunday.

There are a number of theories about the origin of the name "simnel. There is also a legend about an elderly couple named Simon and Nelly. They combined the unleavened dough left over at the end of Lent with the plum pudding left over from Christmas. Then they got into an argument over whether the cake should be boiled or baked. They finally compromised and decided to do both. The result was the "Simon-Nelly" cake. These cakes are still made in England and sent all over the world during Lent. In the towns of Devizes and Bury, the baking begins right after Christmas to allow time for delivery of cakes to people living abroad.

Many emigrants left standing orders many years ago for simnels to be sent to them, and these orders have been renewed by their children and grandchildren. Saints and Festivals of the Christian Church. Detroit: Omnigraphics, Chambers, Robert. The Book of Days. Harper, Howard V. Days and Customs of All Faiths. Henderson, Helene, ed. Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary.

Hole, Christina. Ickis, Marguerite. The Book of Religious Holidays and Celebrations. New York: Dodd, Mead, Leach, Maria, ed. Metford, J. The Christian Year. New York: Crossroad, Urlin, Ethel L. Festivals, Holy Days, and Saints' Days. March-April; fourth Sunday in Lent It was the custom in 17th-century England for Christians to pay their respects on the fourth Sunday in Lent to the "Mother Church" where they had been baptized. Also known as Misers , or Mid-Lent , Sunday, this day usually included a visit to one's parents—to "go a-mothering," as it was called back then.

It was common practice to bring a cake or trinket for the mother of the family. In England the favorite gift was the simnel cake, a saffron-flavored fruitcake topped with almond paste. Priests may wear rose-colored vestments to mass, instead of the usual purple for Lent, so the day is also called Rose Sunday. Also on this day the pope blesses the Golden Rose, an ornament resembling a spray of roses, symbolizing spiritual joy.

Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Visit the Bell at Alderminster for a delicious Mothering Sunday Lunch plus all Mum's go home with a little treat The best ways to treat your mum in Shakespeare's England on Mother's Day; With so much to see and do, Shakespeare's England is the ideal place.

More recent origins of Mothering Sunday date back to the s in England when it was held on the fourth Sunday ofLent. When is Mother's Day ? UK date, best cards, poems, quotes and messages to spoil your mum on Mothering Sunday; What is Mother's Day, how did it begin and when is it celebrated around the world? Here's everything you need to know. Mothering Sunday is a joy - a bright, bright pleasure to the end. Anyway I shall see my dear old mom with flowers on Mothering Sunday but, because she is the best mom in the world, I can honestly say every day is Mother's Day.

Mom's the word so why can't I say it on cards?

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