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Rachael, Hannah and the children at Goodstart Montrose. Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome show you gave the children last week. They still talk about it. The toddlers are even going to use one of your Christmas songs as one of their Christmas concert songs. Thanks again and see you next time. Their productions are Fun, Respectful, Interactive, Enthusiastic, Nurturing, Dramatic, Sensory — the children are inspired to sing, dance, act, listen and respond to the musical pleasures from these two talented people.

Thank you. Kerry Macey — retired Preschool Teacher. We remember when we drawed the lizard. My oldest son started preschool this August and loves it! He is 3. We toured last December, so he got to see the classrooms and playground, etc which really helped him. I bought him a couple of books that talked about starting school and I would point it out in TV shows he likes.

For example, he loves Daniel Tiger, and I would say, look Daniel Tiger goes to preschool too and he loved that. His school also did a meet the teacher morning, where we went for 30 minutes and he got to see his desk and all of the kids in his class. Their 3 year old class focuses on socialization, which he really needs.

I got to go with him on his first field trip on Tuesday to the pumpkin patch and it was really fun! I am enjoying having two mornings a week home to spend one on one time with my 15 month old too! My 21 month old started 3 data a week in August and we watched Daniel Tiger a lot beforehand too. And once he started we watched the grownups come back episode every day for a week. Beforehand was very similar, we first visited in January when I put him on the wait list and then we visited a few days before he started.

He was always fine when I was there but it was very different when he started for real. The fall picnic was last week and it was great to see him with everybody for more than a few minutes at pickup-dropoff. Our school just had a pumpkin patch trip too!

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I thought it would help her to have it and she is required to bring a folder. Shutterfly was having a sale on their folders so I ordered one with our family picture on one side and she got to pick her favorite picture for the other side. She loves it and we have had so many teachers stop her to see it, she loves it makes her folder a little extra special. The folder is SUCH a great idea! Such good advice. I was so glad both her parents agreed on daycare at 3 and preschool at 4.

It made this year of kindergarten so much easier! The more tips the better right? That is soooo great that she was still napping at 5 years old!

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I totally get that you wanted to keep that nap! I will blog about it soon. This poncho is too adorable! So amazing that Molly transitioned easily to school. My 2 year old son just started going 3 days a week last month after exclusively being with his grandparents. My husband and I are floored! Sorry this was so longwinded! Thanks for sharing this, as always. Oh wow! They do full days at preschool for 2 year olds where you live? I would be soooo anxious about the nap too!

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I know when Molly starts goign longer I will go through exactly what you did! I looooooved it! First off, I really enjoy reading your blogs! You keep things so real, and the love for your family truly shows! We have a boy 8years old , girl 5years old and a baby girl almost 5 months old.

I have found that if I show them that I am excited for their new journey whether that be school, a sleep over or even a few hours of having a babysitter then they will also be excited about it. I also like to give them all the details of what they are going to do for fun while away from mommy. Whenever she got sad, she was able to look at it, and she said it helped her feel better. They also read a book called The Kissing Hand on the first day of school which seemed to make her feel better also. It is a super cute book! You should definitely read it with Molly sometime!

A couple of you have mentioned that book! I will have to check it out for sure! Thanks for the rec! She was feeling anxious too. We each have them on our wrist.

Sharpie pen works fine too. Oh my gosh!!!!! This is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!! I am sooooo doing this with Molly. Love this! Also, we have just started potty training…. We talk about it all the time and tell her to let us know when she wants to use it. I hope Molly loves it. It currently is only on presale with release Oct 23 so she has the first printed copy. I sent it to her for 2 reasons.

First, I know you will read to her and as she gets older use it to discuss topics that present in it types of families, traveling, supporting local, and kindness. Secondly, because I know you too have been the subject of cyber bullying. Even though you are the only one that has this book so far, a group of women have contacted, with words of hatred,podcasts, newspapers, and small shops who have posted in support of my book. They have contacted them with hate messages claiming my publisher and I are exploiting children the children in the back of book in the real traveling dress have all signed releases as you probably could assume bc no publisher nor I would risk that.

Anyways the attacks have almost stopped my presales because a group of 7 friends are finding every post anywhere in support of me and messaging the poster and commenting on it with words of hate, slander, and threats. Again, I hope you and Molly love it. Who did you send it to? And if you want me to send another, you can pm me your address or a P. Well, I hope someone who gets it enjoys it!

Hi Ali! So happy for Molly too! I love hearing about new things she learns at school too! Molly will randomly start singing songs she learns in school and it melts my heart! I just have to say I absolutely loved reading this blog. These tips on transitioning a little one into being ready for school are wonderful and the cape idea brilliant.

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I sometimes like to pretend I have a cape on too. This all such wonderful advice! I had to put my daughter in day care at 10 weeks old. It was hard, but I honestly believe it was the best thing in the world for all of us. Having a school that is so awesome also made a huge difference. I think socializing and being around kids is so important at a young age. Since she has been there since 2 months old, we never have an issue with drop off.

I LOVE the picture idea you shared here. I will definitely start doing that as she gets older and drop off changes a bit. Thanks for sharing Katie. Sounds like your little girl loves playing with other kiddos! And thank you for reading my blog!!!!! I sent my daughter to preschool when she had JUST turned 3. We were excited about it, she was excited about it, I thought it was going to be great and give me a few hours a week to spend quality time with her 6 month old brother. I wanted to make sure her first experience with school was a good one to set the stage for the rest of her life.

So we were the opposite side of the coin but just wanted to share our experience too. You are soooo right! Thank you for sharing this!

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We are going to start our search soon. How did you even begin the preschool search here in Los Angeles and ultimately narrow down to the one you picked? We did the toddler and me class before to check out to school for ourselves too. But luckily we loved the first one we tried!

I do not have children but I love reading your blogs and insta stories. Love the idea of bringing a pix of family to school. And the cape idea is so cool! I will share your tips with my niece who had a baby girl recently. Thank you for being real! Love you girl! Hey Ali, im Excited for molly. Sounds like she has tons of fun. I am a preschool teacher. I teach ages I have never heard of the family picture idea definitely going to try that.

We also do family trees. My students have so much fun with that.

Molly's Preschool - 13/03/2018

Anyways im so Happy Molly. I hope she is learning a lot. Oh awesome!!!!

Love that you are going to implement that in your classroom! That makes me sooo happy! My kid has been in day care since one, and officially preschool as of this September at 3. Sometimes out of the blue for an entire week she will cry every morning at drop off. Their little brains go through so much that while the cape might work this week there might be a day where nothing will make it a good drop off.

Totally get that! We had one rough day last week out of the blue and I know there will be more! I just think these things helped and wanted to share!

Oh the dream. Every child is different. So I do think these things helped a lot! I go back to work Monday after a year maternity leave in Canada and my little girl will be going to a daycare centre every day. We already have a family photo ready to hang on her locker and we did some trial dates leaving her there over the last few weeks and she did great….

I love your blog. One thing I read was that your kids only like to sleep in their cribs. So how do you handle traveling? My daughter will NOT sleep in my arms. Do you just always get an extra seat and lug on the car seat? Awesome post! We were able to bring her for about a half hour at a time a few weeks before she started to get familiar with everyone. She has learned so much there and they do fun activities and crafts everyday!

She will stay there until she starts JK. We are so lucky that we found someone who is amazing to take care of our daughter, really that is half of the battle. It took almost 1 year to get her into this daycare full time. We had to start her 2 days a week a first and then a few months later she started 5 days and week and has been going full time ever since.

I think she is just too little for school. I am an educator and there is no reason for a 2 year old to be in school. A few playdates every couple of weeks is plenty at this age. Being home with her family is where she should be. You and your husband are her BEST teachers at this point in her life. I have always liked you but it really seems like you are becoming less hands on with your kiddos.