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Paperback , pages. Published June 25th by Scholastic Paperbacks first published January 1st More Details Killer Species 1. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Menace From the Deep , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 17, Raul G. My book is called Killer Species 1. The author is Michael P. In this paragraph i will say things about the book. Also in goodreads it has 4 stars and the author used author craft in one part. I think he didn't go to school My book is called Killer Species 1.

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I think he didn't go to school that much or something like that because he doesn't know that much grammar. I think that this book has many parts that like what's going to happen next like suspense that keeps the book alive like. I got to one part where I didn't stop but I told myself I must stop. On a another note this is the first book in the series as you can see at the top but I think that this is 5 star book. I have a prediction that the monsters are not dead and in the last book. All of the monsters are going to come back for revenge and I have the crazy prediction that the monsters are going to combine together and be a super monster and it will have all of their ability in one.

That remind me I saw a show that a guy goes and looks for river monsters and he finds like animals that I never seen before let me give an example there was like a swordfish that had spikes on it point and it swing to the side to kill and they call it the chainsaw. Thats what I think. Nov 04, Vidal Ovando rated it liked it.

Dec 11, Sheila Myers rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction. A thrilling sci-fi novel for kids and teens. Feb 28, Sherry Guice rated it really liked it Shelves: to-order-for-reading-lab , booksreadwithstudents. Really liked this book--science fiction great for struggling readers--lots of action, a cute dog, interesting mad scientist and short chapters. The vocabulary is rather difficult which lends itself to word work.

The same characters are in the sequels I think Nov 06, Cole rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I thought this book was amazing and I loved how it was animals in it trying to do something good even thought they were hurting the environment. I cant wait to read the next one. Apr 21, Hunter rated it it was amazing. I actually really like these books by this author because he gets so into describing what they are doing an how. I don't think that this book is as good as the next book that I read but it still was good. I like the part when Dr.

Catalysts thinks that his creatures wont be aggressive to humans but when the boys where on the island and he took the radio cord and made it so the boat didn't run and the 2 creatures were walking towards them. Catalyst made his creatures to get rid of the invasive I actually really like these books by this author because he gets so into describing what they are doing an how.

Catalyst made his creatures to get rid of the invasive snake named the Python. I think that someone should create a creature that wont harm humans but will eat the snakes so that the Everglades can go back to normal. The creatures in the book are called Pterogators. It has bird eyes and feet but the rest is like and alligator.

Its really ugly. The mouth is like a beak with teeth. Feb 29, Logan Guerra rated it really liked it. Spoiler Alert! Just imagine a terrible creature lives near you what will you do? The genre of this book is realistic fiction. I will give this book 4 out of 5 stars because of the tension it makes up. This book takes place in The Everglades, Florida near a long strip of water that connects a river to a larger body of water. In the book a boy named Emmet Doyle moves to Florida his father is a wildlife biologist but, focuses mostly on birds.

They moved to Florida for a long Family business trip. A couple days later they found out to examine a weird breed half alligator and half raptor that were made in a laboratory. The conflict of this book is Person V. S Animal. The reason its Person V. S Animal is because the weird breed is life threatening which could kill nearby people. In the book it says, the animal attacked Emmet and Calvin Calvin is Emmet's friend. The theme of this book is believe in yourself. The theme is never give up because even after all those disasters they always believed in themselves.

The tittle relates to the book because Killer Species represents the breed because it is a dangerous breed. The character's motivation is a really strong part of the book because with out it Emmet would have never be able to save his dad. The author's word choice is another great thing about the book it shows how much Emmet has been through with so much detail which makes the book even more amazing because even after all his pain he always believed in him self and never gave up. My favorite part was in the end when Emmet's dog was trying to beat the world record for the angriest barking.

An interesting thing about this book is that even the most difficult problems have a simple solution. If I were the author i would have added more characters and more backstories. I will rate this book 4 out of 5 stars because it was a great book but it did not have as much action that I was expecting. I will recommend this book to people who like dangerous creatures. Remember even a toothpick could save your life. Feb 25, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: library-checkout. Plenty of children's and YA novels can still be enjoyed by adults.

The current state of the YA market is a perfect example of that. Sadly, this is not one of those books. While I probably would have loved it when I was 10, it certainly feels flat and overly simplistic as an adult. It's about a young boy who has to move to a new place the Florida Everglades because his dad works for Fish and Wildlife Service and there are reports of strange happenings in the area. He has to deal with the woes of Plenty of children's and YA novels can still be enjoyed by adults. He has to deal with the woes of being the new kid in a place that is worlds apart from the mountains in Montana where he comes from.

There's that too. Despite the fact that the text and spacing are enormous, it took me awhile to get through this. I can acknowledge that it's a children's book intended for middle-grade students, so I don't expect it to offer literary depth, but there isn't much about this book I could really get into. I even disliked the main character, who is your stereotypical simple-minded little twit who thinks science is lame and confusing.

Why do authors of these types of books always feel it is necessary to discourage children from intellectual pursuits? Why is ignorance and stupidity such an admirable quality among so many authors? I'm over-analyzing. At the end of the day, Menace of the Deep is a perfectly okay middle-grade book. I doubt I'll be continuing with the series, though. View 1 comment. A solid 4 star book. I really like Emmet and Calvin together. They complement each other well. Where Emmet is impulsive and acts without thinking, Calvin is methodical.

Emmet needs Calvin's know how and Calvin needs Emmet to give him that extra push to take a chance. Beyond a cool science fiction story, there's also a good mystery here. Who is Dr. Catalyst and did he survive at the end? The science behind this story was great too. I've always been fascinated by prehistoric creatures and their ec A solid 4 star book. I've always been fascinated by prehistoric creatures and their ecology. This is a perfect combination of the two. I still want to know more about these creatures and how they were made.

I think the plot was well paced and moved along at all the right times. The creatures had a good introduction and it was a good example of showing vs telling. I like that even though we didn't find you've who Dr. Catalyst was, he still got his page time through the story. Mar 08, Mari Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: mg-ya. This was a VERY hot book at our latest school book fair ,which we just wrapped up. I bought it to see if it was going to live up to the hype. It did not disappoint. This MG novel reads somewhat like a juvenile version of a Michael Crichton novel, filled with rabid enviromentalists, steady wildlife scientists, genetically engineered monsters and the kids who have to save the world.

The writing was tight and descriptive and to top it all off there was a lot of great science info in the book which This was a VERY hot book at our latest school book fair ,which we just wrapped up. The writing was tight and descriptive and to top it all off there was a lot of great science info in the book which didn't feel obviously "educational". Lots of action, a great if fantastical plot based on fact AND current events the disruption of the Everglades ecosystem by non-native snakes. I really enoyed this and think kids in grades 3 - 8 will too.

This will probably appeal mostly to boys, as the two main characters are middle school boys, but girls might like the action too! Jul 10, Susan rated it it was amazing. I read this in paperback, so here goes. It's a well-plotted and well formatted book, with large print and some nice illustrations. What sucked me in was excellent, funny dialog. No foul language, nudity, or sex; just an excellent story for all ages.

Buy it for your grandchild if you must, but read it yourself first--too mu I read this in paperback, so here goes. Buy it for your grandchild if you must, but read it yourself first--too much fun to ignore! Sep 15, Angel Sandoval rated it really liked it. I liked this book because it has a huge alligator. The book is about these two boys and finds a man going to kill his father which is dead or is he.

I would recommend this book to Edgar because he likes long books. Oct 31, Michael rated it really liked it. Mar 05, Robert Kent rated it it was amazing Shelves: middle-grade-ninja-reviews. Oh, Esteemed Reader, I've got a proper treat for you today. Killer Species is exactly the sort of series I would've wanted to read as a boy and adult me has had my eye on it for a while. If a cover wants to grab my attention, it needs to have a monster on it or a zombie or a superhero.

Menace from the Deep has a giant alligator on its front. It had me at "hello. Is this book really populated by giant alligators, or is the cover a teaser image? If Spradlin had opened with 50 pages of exposition establishing his protagonist and all that good stuff, then introduced the monster, I wouldn't know about it because I would've already put the book down in favor of Super Mario.

Fortunately, he opens his monster book in the finest way a monster book can open; with violence naturally : The python moved its head back and forth, slithering down the tree trunk. But it was too late. The Pterogators leapt from their perches in the nearby trees. As they jumped they spread all four legs and a flap of skin opened, connected to their bodies, just above their knee joints.

It allowed them to glide from branch to branch, much like their reptilian ancestors, the archosaurs, navigated the canopy of the Cretaceous forest millions of years ago. They fell upon the snake, their rakish claws carving into the python. The snake turned and struck the closest beast, trying desperately to sink its fangs into the hard, scaly skin.

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It had no effect. The python struck again and again but could not find purchase on the creatures about to destroy it. The first bites from the genetically superior creatures were devastating. They bit down with a force equivalent to a one-thousand-pound sledgehammer crushing a watermelon, killing the snake instantly. Though it was already dead, the nerves and muscles throughout its body continued to twitch.

The gators continued their work, and in less than two minutes the snake was a mass of twisted scales and flesh. No people are harmed, of course, as this is a book targeted at children. But I can't promise no one gets hurt later as that would be a spoiler. And besides, alligator monsters so giant and so awesome don't need to hurt people right off to be interesting.

Watching them tear apart a python will sate young boy's appetite for blood for a time--though eventually the pterogators will have to attack some people--and they do, they do: And if we're going to be worried about these pterogators attacking people, we're going to need to care about those people. He was twelve and moving for the fourth time in six years. Emmet liked Montana. What I like about this paragraph is the way it downplays the most important piece of information. Emmet moving around a lot is important and I'm sure it will play a factor as the series goes on.

His age is good to know. But by casually tossing the death of Emmet's mother amongst a discussion of Emmet's love of Montana, Spradlin is mirroring Emmet's desire to push that event to the side of his mind. Emmet doesn't want to deal with her death. Nor does the story. It wants to be a tale of monsters, and it is, but you can bet Mom's death will come up again before the book is done. This is a master stroke.

Of course the reader empathizes with a boy who's lost his mother. More, Emmet and his father have their own issues before the monster shows up. They're not monster bait waiting for the terrible thing to come knocking on their door. They're fully formed characters with their own concerns. Two men dealing with the passing of Emmet's mom and rebuilding their family would be an interesting book all on it's own.

That way when the monsters do come, bashing down doors with their great tails, we care that they're not chasing monster bait, they're chasing Emmet! But these aren't just alligators. Oh no, my friend. Someone with a tremendous knowledge of molecular and cellular biology has created a hybrid species. Doyle said. Emmet hooks up with Calvin, a Florida native who's not the least bit concerned with alligators, or even pterogators, and Calvin's mom her husband is also conveniently dead makes eyes at Emmet's Dad.

There's a mad scientist naturally , and the book is soon overrun with monster attacks. I loved it. No review would be complete without mentioning Emmet's dog, Apollo. I was worried he might get chomped from his introduction and he might--I'm not saying either way. Authors who include cute dogs in their stories are absolutely pandering to readers, and it totally works: I've viewed Air Bud and looking forward to Super Buds. I know I'm silly, but I'm reading Killer Species to be entertained. There's no monster story a cute doggie can't make better: When he opened the door, Apollo catapulted out of the truck.

He climbed out slowly, his muscles stiff and achy. The little mutt went right to a bush by the front door, sniffed at it, declared it suitable, and then did what dogs do. The two of them stretched and tried to stifle yawns. There's plenty of science in Menace From the Deep, but it's mostly outlandish.

To compensate, Spradlin pays extra attention to the details of real science--which is very Michael Crichton of him. In alternating chapters, we're treated to the villain's perspective, though he remains anonymous for a time. Deep in the swamp, someone has been experimenting to create a new breed of apex predator. And they're about to set them loose. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

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