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To ask other readers questions about The Batman Chronicles, Vol. Be the first to ask a question about The Batman Chronicles, Vol. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

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May 25, Gary Butler rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels. Number out of on my all time book list.

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Review Pending:. Jul 31, Adam Graham rated it it was amazing. These are very strong stories and there's a nice variety. There are two stories featuring signature Batman villains, but also Batman taking on river pirates, old west mysteries, a mystery set in timber country, and of course a good share of good old urban mysteries.

Some highlights of the book: Viola Vane Detective Comics 53 : Bruce Wayne and a friend get into an argument over whether everyone in Gotham are heartless. Batman gets a chance to show the city has heart when he saves a wanna be actress who has been fibbing to her parents about the success of her career she's actually a waitress. Batman gets the city to set her up as a successful actress with jewels and furs. In many ways, this seems more like a typical Superman story rather than Batman. However, when some criminals muscle in on her and try to rob her that adds a nice twist.

The Scarecrow is introduced in World's Finest 3 that's odd because World's Finest rarely has such fine material. The story establishes many facts such as his occupation and name. However, the character's use of guns and violence is unusual and something that would be later abandoned. The Joker has a very solid story leading off Batman 7 when he gets a bunch of practical jokers to start committing crimes for him. The twisted nature of the Joker is definitely on display in this story as he slowly turns them from regular practical jokes to a life of crime.

Though the story is maybe a little over the top in telling kids that practical jokes leads to homicidal mania. Perhaps, the most important change in the book is the focus of the relationship between Batman and the police. In issue 6, he helps a young patrolman with a tough beat defeat criminals and internal police corruption. Batman 7 features a very solid story, "The People vs. Batman" where Bruce Wayne is framed for murder and it's up to Robin to get the killers and eventually Batman is broken out of jail leading Commissioner Gordon to deliver a speech to the jury on Batman's virtue.

In context, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense as to why he would be making this speech in this context, but it's awesome speech.

Not only is that, it shows a shift in the characters with Batman being appointed an honorary member of the Police force resulting in Batman and Gordon working close together for decades to come until the relationship would be redefined in the s. That alone makes this a must-read chapter in the Batman story.

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May 10, Daniel Butcher rated it it was ok. I was tempted to give it a three just because it's classic Batamn. But in the end these stories are almost all Batman vs. Petty Crime.


We do get one Joker story and the origin of The Scarecrow, but even these stories are very small scale with nothing epic to them. May 25, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Wonderful, writers at creative peak. Truly a remarkable literary creation. Oct 23, Ronald rated it it was amazing.

Daniel rated it really liked it Nov 29, Andre rated it really liked it Mar 20, Duncan Wilson rated it it was amazing Sep 11, LeAnn rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Ian Wilson rated it liked it Sep 11, Neville Wylie rated it liked it Mar 23, Griff rated it liked it May 14, Kyle Liseno rated it liked it Feb 01, Scott Rogers rated it liked it Feb 17, Steve Hammes rated it really liked it Feb 18, Joel rated it it was ok Sep 10, Tim rated it really liked it Jan 13, IMDb More.

Bayona to Direct 03 July Variety. Untitled Pirates of the Caribbean Project. Is Disney finally laying its beloved Jack Sparrow to rest? And though the franchise has continued to perform respectably at the box office over the years, many of the sequels have been lacking. What remains to be seen, however, is how hard of a reboot this will be, but if a. According to Deadline, Disney has met with Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick , and the duo are now in early talks about penning the script for a new instalment in the franchise.

Disney may be looking to reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with arguably the hottest screenwriting duo in Hollywood right now. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick , the pair behind the Deadpool movies, have met with the Mouse House about a possible jump-start for the multi-billion dollar franchise. While they haven't closed a deal just yet and it looks like this is just early discussions, this could be huge. According to a new report, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are in early talks to pen the script for a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot.

Again, we should caution that these are just early discussions, but it's still intriguing all the same. Reese and Wernick, in addition to Deadpool and this year's very successful sequel, Deadpool 2 , have also penned Zombieland as well as its upcoming sequel and 6 Underground ,. Disney has no comment and no deal is in place yet. Pirates of the Caribbean must have seemed like a pretty wild idea when it was first pitched back in the early s. Disney is reportedly in the early stages of working on Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

While the movie was not as commercially successful as its predecessor, 's On Stranger Tides, it was still a big hit worldwide and Disney isn't one to shut something down when there is money to be made. However, this does raise questions about Johnny Depp and his potential involvement, in light of recent events. Before digging into that, here's what is being reported.

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It's also expected that Joachim Ronning, who co-directed the last movie and is currently shooting Maleficent 2 ,. Pirates of the Caribbean must have seemed like a pretty crazy idea when it was pitched back in the early s. It split us at Den Of Geek.