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Our friends Lee and Becca Thompson went with us and we stayed over a few days in San Antonio to enjoy the sights, sounds, and wonderful food. The Alamo is a great reminder of the rich history of our country, and of course it's always relaxing to spend time on the Riverwalk. It was Spring Break for so many kids Jim Ed Brown invited me to do his syndicated radio show and we had a good time reminiscing about old times on the road, talking about future plans, talking about our friends and playing some country music.

He does a fantastic job and I'm always happy to be asked to be on it with him. There were some great memories and stories as each of us shared our experiences of working with and having fun with Dottie.

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Somehow I think she was sharing in the laughter I swear I could hear that unmistakable Dottie laugh! My friend from Ireland, Philomena Begley, paid us a visit here in April, celebrating 50 years in the music business. Philomena not only is a fine performer, but she is a delight to know! He came in 8th overall and we are so proud of him!!! We kind of make this a 'family reunion' each year and it was great to see everyone again It's always fun when some of the Opry folks run into him and tell me about it.

He has a home in Meadville, Arizona, but with his motorhome, he lives wherever the weather suits him! And speaking of brothers, we flew from Vegas to Los Angeles to visit with Gene's brother Jess and all of his family. It was the first time I had met most of them and it was fun getting to know them at a picnic at Jess and Doris' home. We did have a really nice lunch at one of the restaurants on the Pier They do the opening act, and then do backup vocals with me plus a feature number with us all together. It's hard to make anyone believe we're working when it's obvious we're having so much fun!

Even though we had to do a sound check etc. And I really did enjoy it too! Mark and Kay Hughes do such a great job with the museum and store and they put on an incredible spread for the reception that night. I'm so proud to be a part of this also and, with the assistance of Ron Harman, they have updated my own display and it looks so nice. Be sure to include that stop when you visit Nashville Sheppard's band backed the entire show and I hosted, proudly presenting T. Graham as well as performing in the opening part.

It is so easy to introduce such talented pros like these artists! Our fans always prove to be an enthusiastic audience and we all appreciate that We look forward to seeing all of you again this year. I love doing these shows because no two are ever the same They are fun for us, and the fans enjoy this relaxed format. They often say that they like hearing us talk Well thank you for that!!

Gene and I loved the opportunity to visit Canada twice this past summer. They carried us on a pink golf cart I loved the photo of Gene standing up on the back of the cart with the crowd applauding! David and his wife Terri invited Gene and me to go on a little excursion with them to Port Hope and what a fun trip that turned out to be. There were several interesting shops, but the best of all was the Dog Cafe where you can take your lunch inside and eat with your pets and meet the resident dogs The Museum is done so tastefully and pays respect to so many deserving musicians and to the Grand Ole Opry as well.

Please also include this attraction in your plans the next time you visit Nashville! Cheyenne made her first flight and seemed to enjoy it very much. Gene bought her a new pink carriage to ride through the airport where she just looked around and soaked up the attention she was receiving from everyone.

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  • Needless to say her Mom was more nervous than Cheyenne was The flight attendants would come by and ask if Cheyenne was doing okay We made some wonderful new friends, Curtis and Kathy Williamson, and Curtis took Gene, Becca, and me flying over the Outer Banks so we could see the shoreline and the wild horses And Curtis presented Cheyenne with a 'first flight' certificate since Southwest didn't! The summer and fall are always very busy times in Nashville with added shows at the Opry, the County Classics Show, and many tours coming to the Nightlife Dinner Theatre I don't like to be gone too much because I don't want to miss anything going on here either!

    During this time I was invited to host a one hour live show on WSM which was a thrill for me. I decided my format would be requests from a group of my girlfriends We also taped another Country's Family Reunion show with so many great fellow artists. The theme for this one was "God Bless America Again", and we all did either gospel or patriotic songs I thought it was awesome.

    We celebrated Gene's birthday in September, and since he has everything already, I gave him marine fuel for his birthday present! So we loaded up the whole family, from 81 years old to 7 months, packed a picnic lunch, and sailed down the river aboard Gene's son Kevin's foot houseboat! We came all the way down to Opryland and got to see our cottage from the river. We had so much fun, and it was the most relaxed hassle-free outing in a long time Gene and I were both so happy when he got to present the award for Businessman of the Year to our friend Don Warden at the R.

    Awards in October. Congratulations to Don Also congratulations to my friend Jan Howard and all the others who were honored with awards that evening We wrapped up the fall season with a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, for a show with Gene Watson and his great band again at the Country Tonite Theatre.

    The crowd was so receptive I just can't thank everyone who came out to see us enough. And thanks again to Tim McAbee for inviting us to do his show again! Although it has been a great year for us, we have been saddened by the loss of some of our dear friends and fellow artists His passing left a big void in my life I was honored to be asked to speak at Jack's memorial service and to host the Midnite Jamboree in his honor December was pretty much dedicated to Santa Claus!

    Since I am a Grammy now there were preparations to make that are all new to me! But we are starting some new traditions Well that's what you do when you don't know what you're doing So far it has worked Having a good time -- and remembering the reason for the season -- are all that really matter.

    We brought in the New Year at the Nashville Nightlife Theater and then later that week headed down to Weirsdale, Florida, to work two shows with T. Sheppard at the Orange Blossom Opry. The sailing dates are July 19th to July 26th, and if you haven't made your reservations yet I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season, and I wish you all the best in !! Stay healthy, be safe, love one another, and have fun!! And thank you again for being a part of my life I appreciate you!!! Please tell Ron Harman that I'm really trying to do better on these updates We have a new website look and I'm so proud of it!

    Once again I thank Ron Harman for his ideas, input and efforts to make me look good! I will try to re-cap the last several months Unfortunately Cole wasn't able to race due to an injury he received in the race in Salt Lake City a few weeks earlier. But the upside was we got to spend a little more time with him and really enjoyed being with him and younger brother Chance at a family picnic.

    They are so funny Normally we only get to see Cole for a few minutes in the pits during his interviews and photo ops. There was a mix up on our reservations, so all of us, except Moe and his band, were housed in a huge family condo! What could have been a problem turned out to be a really wonderful time The next morning they brought us breakfast and we all started the day at the table For the first time in many years I got to see the fireworks on the 4th of July!

    I have always had puppies who don't like them so I always stayed away to protect them. This time my friend Helen Cornelius agreed to puppy-sit Cheyenne so that Gene and I could join a group of friends and take the General Jackson Dinner Cruise down to Riverfront Park and watch the fireworks from the boat. It was absolutely amazing to see them from the water, sitting practically under them!

    It was an experience I would recommend to anyone. It was also a great way to celebrate my birthday early July 6th you know It always seems strange to be getting into my Ms. Santa outfit when its 90 degrees outside but it was a lot of fun I think I even bought a few Christmas gifts after that!

    Sheppard and got to introduce them to Lee and Becca Thompson who accompanied us on that trip. Cheyenne was along also and of course stole the show. We were delighted to be asked to perform at the Texas Hall of Fame Awards in Carthage, Texas, with so many of our fellow artists, including Linda Davis who calls Carthage home.

    They gave her a great welcome home and it was fun to meet her friends and family members. The Hall of Fame there just gets better every time I visit Pulled out passports and headed up to Canada for a show in Regina with T. Sheppard and his great band. We were kind of competing with the Canadian Country Music Awards that night so we missed many of our fans up there, but we enjoyed seeing everyone who did make it out Two wonderful events happened for me in September I was honored to celebrate my 45th Anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry by hosting the portion and then later hosting the Midnite Jamboree at the Texas Troubadour Theatre.

    I want to thank all of my friends who came or sent messages and gifts to me that made the night even more memorable I am so blessed to know all of you. Once again I was surprised at the support of my friends, especially Tim Atwood who played piano and sang a duet with me I appreciate you Tim more than you know! And of course, my agents helped me out with a little "Rock-A-Bye Boogie" Worth, Texas. Everyone is hoping this will be an annual event. We had all of Gene's family gathered for a 'family celebration' celebrating his birthday, our great grand-daughter Arden's 1st birthday, and a baby shower for our grand-daughter who would be arriving soon!

    Even his brother Jess and nephew Steve flew in from California, and my brother Bernie and his family came from Arizona in their motorhomes.

    Part of my gift to Gene was to mark 'work' off my calendar and to pack up his motorhome for a trip It was an eventful trip to say the least and we had a wonderful time visiting all the old home places, schools, family, and friends. We even visited the hospital in Titusville where I was born and the bank where I worked there I am so honored that both have framed memorabilia of me on display We arrived home safely, marriage and friendship with the Thompsons both still intact I was asked to speak at a Minnie Pearl Cancer Fundraiser and we all got a laugh when Brenda Lee forgot to introduce me!

    We were all holding our breath and saying prayers that T. Sheppard would get out of the hospital and be well enough to work the Isle of Capri show in Mississippi I attempted to emphasize the business side of the music business, the trials as well as the triumphs. What a receptive audience they were in a room full of very successful women I am most humbled.

    We had Gene's son and grandsons and their families all together for Thanksgiving, having dinner at John As and then coming back to our cottage on the river for dessert Then we packed our bags and headed to Ashville, NC, to meet the Thompsons, spending a couple days touring the Biltmore and the up to their condo in Gatlinburg, TN, for a 'mountain fix' before coming home.

    The holiday season was really fun this year Having Arden and GiAnna just gave us a taste of the fun we're going to have when they get a little older and are joined by the new little boy coming in April!! A New Year!! He received three standing ovations We had a marvelous time in January on the Country's Family Reunion Cruise with so many fellow artists.

    It was nice to spend more time with the Larry's Country Diner cast and get to know them better too Of course it is always a pleasure to spend a little more time with all our wonderful fans Throughout all of this time, we have been appearing at the Grand Ole Opry which is a second home to me. I always enjoy going downtown to the Ryman for a few months, but the Opry House is still home and such a source of pride to me And we are proud also to be in our new 'digs' at the Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theatre So we'll see you next time I'm not promising when, but maybe I'll surprise you by writing sooner : Have a wonderful new year, and make someone happy Good morning everyone!

    It's Friday the 13th and I thought the best way to start this day would be to write a message to you It has been such a beautiful spring, and I'm afraid I just took every opportunity to be outside instead of in the office Since I'm so far behind I'll start with a quick wrap-up of the end of last year. On October 3rd I was hosting a segment of the Opry when my husband Gene got the call telling us we were new great-grandparents to a beautiful little baby girl, Arden Sue!

    I signed off the show saying "I've got to go hold our new baby The proud parents are Gene's grandson Shane Bolinger and his wife Brooke. Hopefully you've seen some of the many photos we've shared. There are some here on the website I can't believe Arden is 6 months old already! It was a pleasure for me to meet many of his classmates and hear their stories and there were some good ones and catch up on what they are doing today.

    She brought her setup over here and we just talked and played some music, all from my kitchen table overlooking the Cumberland River! So many folks commented that while listening to the shows they felt like they were right here with us! When I joined Joe Limardi during his broadcast from the Opry Backstage Grill recently, he asked me to do some more of those shows Hopefully that will happen, so please stay tuned!

    Gene and I had a wonderful holiday season. We rode in the Donelson Christmas parade as usual It's always so much fun to see the children's excitement along the way I always tell them to keep watching 'cause Santa Claus is coming I saw him! And I don't know who likes the sirens, horns, and lights on Gene's dune buggy the most We were able to spend some fun times with our family and friends over the holiday season. Sheppard, Gene Watson, and all of his fine band January is always a whirlwind of putting away Christmas decorations did I really put up this many??!

    I tried to simplify that this year, reminding myself that it's all about having a good time and making sure our guests do the same. The cruise went very well Then came the bad part I kept going by Jan's room to check on her and take her whatever she needed I knew she was going to be alright when she asked me to get her some good facial cleanser even though she couldn't hold her head up Unfortunately I got ill on the plane coming home, but the angels heard my prayers and got me home before I went down You probably saw on the news where four big cruise ships were hit with that virus Pleasant, Michigan My thanks also to Teea Goans for stepping in at the last minute to replace me on the show I know all of you enjoyed her It is always so beautiful in the mountains in the spring.

    Gene is from East Tennessee, so he gave us a great tour of the surrounding areas with all the history. We visited Dandridge, which he told us is the second oldest town in the state. It is very quaint with an old hardware store, drugstore with a soda fountain, and of course some antique stores. We toured the Courthouse where Gene first practiced law Then we had lunch on the porch of an old house turned into a restaurant Cheyenne slept through it in her carriage beside the table Billy Yates invited me to do "Tin Pan South" this spring, which is an annual city-wide songwriters' event here in Nashville.

    On the bill with us were Buddy Jewel and Eddie Heinzelman. We had such a good time sharing fun stories as well as some great songs. I thank the boys for including me. One new project that I put together this year was re-printing the book I wrote back in the 80's. It has been out of print for quite a while I then realized there is a whole new generation who has not experienced these words of questionable wisdom! I call this a 'thought book' because it is a collection of some of the thoughts I've had through the years about everything from the music business to trying to help raise children.

    I didn't realize that you had to grow up first before you could be a parent! I reprinted the book just as I had written it Jim Ed Brown says he keeps his copy in the bathroom for quick reading! We have a new home for the Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theatre The facility has been renovated and it is beautiful! Felix the cook has a brand new kitchen and the food is even better! Diana Murrell has always put together a great show, and I'm proud that I get to perform there when our schedules permit Tim Watson is often on the bill there as well Also congratulations go out to my great-nephew, Cole Seely, on winning a Supercross race this year, and continuing to make us proud as he travels the Supercross circuit!!

    Gene and I are looking forward to seeing Cole race again in Las Vegas. I was very honored to be asked to join Mayor Karl Dean at a ceremony on April 12th to celebrate the completion of a renovation project involving the historic alley located next to the Ryman Auditorium. As you probably know, the alleyway has been used by many country artists as a link between the backstage of the Ryman and the honky-tonks of Lower Broadway. Renovations on the alley recently wrapped up after eight months of work I told the audience that when I mentioned to some of my fellow entertainers that I'd been asked to tell some stories, they said "Don't!!

    And I told them that, for me, the thrill of following in the footsteps of all those who came before me did not just start on the Opry stage Of course I'm always happy to join Bill Anderson and everyone in that group, whether we are working or not! You can check out all the artists who will be part of the cruise I'm looking forward to a fun summer Of course when I'm not on the road you can usually find me home at the Grand Ole Opry which continues to be a joy to me Gene and I built a new deck even closer to the river, bought a new grill, and are looking forward to our children and friends coming to cook for us!!

    And we have vowed that we won't let another summer pass without spending more time in our motorhome Thank you for continuing to visit our website Would you do me one more favor? Would you please tell Ron Harman that this message was good??!! And tell him how much we all appreciate his help!! Until next time God bless! It does not seem possible that this year is going by so quickly! Why it seems like only yesterday Ron Harman was reminding me that I had not written a message to all of you since the Opry Cruise!!!

    Oh, yeah, that was just yesterday that he reminded me for the umpteenth time! I did, however, cook a complete dinner for Ron and Jan Howard recently, so I have been productive!! And please know that during these lapses it's not that I don't think of you all, because I certainly do I will try to catch up as fast as I can We all enjoyed getting to know Chris and his family better and are very proud to see how well his career is doing. He is one of the new entertainers I feel is carrying on the traditional values in county music, but with the sound of his generation as it should be.

    After the Opry Cruise it was back home to the reality of winter I don't remember winning any money though!! I was delighted to be invited to entertain at the Cowboy Festival out in Pasco, Washington. It had been a long time since I had been out that way, and Washington is the one state Gene had never visited so we were looking forward to that trip I was also pleasantly surprised when my singing buddy for many years, Jack Greene, showed up a day early and joined me onstage!!

    Back home our whole neighborhood was buzzing with preparations for our flood anniversary party which we called "Mudstock" Our guests were all the volunteers, police, area churches Gene had a wonderful time riding us all around in his dune buggy and on his antique fire engine. We don't mind braggin' one bit that my great-nephew, Cole Seely, came in 2nd place in the World!! His dad Jeff got us passes to go down into the pit and see the wheelers that transport his race team. Gene said he was going to meet Cole this trip if he had to stand in line with all the teenage girls to do it!

    We just about had to Check out his website www. That's why you see Cole Seely 36 stickers on all my gear now!! I want to say a special 'thanks' to all those who have purchased my new "Vintage Country" CD released earlier this year Thanks also to all the fans who continue to come out to the shows and show their support I truly appreciate you!!!

    I then rushed over to the Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theater to perform there The following day Gene and I flew up to Wisconsin Believe it or not, Gene and I took a little vacation trip I think the next time I record a CD we need to 'toil away' in that studio!! Private joke It was so good to get to visit with Randy a little bit since everyone always keeps him busy when he has an opportunity to come home to the Opry.

    He is such a credit to our industry in that he made it 'okay' to be traditional!! I'm sure our version of "Rock-A-Bye Boogie" will go down in history!! We were very honored to be inducted into the Order of the Eagles and we thank everyone with the organization for accepting us and we promise to strive to be worthy of the honor. They are carrying on the tradition of the old Stateline Club, an historic venue where everybody in country music played at some point during their career. I said being up there without her, I kind of felt like a fizzled firecracker following "Little Miss Dynamite"!

    She is recovering and doing fine, we are happy to report. Overall it has been a wonderful summer One thing about going through something like the flood, it does make you realize what is important in your life. My friend Carolyn McClain and I decided that we really had too much 'stuff' anyway. I know now that if you are not using something, don't leave it stuck in a corner taking up your space and your energy Don't mean to lecture We lost three wonderful members of our Opry family this year The Oaks have been great ambassadors for country music, and I have the highest admiration and respect for each of them.

    I made a "stepping stone" for Bill to say how glad I am that he crossed my path 50 years ago! I am so honored to call these legends my friends!! I hope you'll be able to join us for the Opry Cruise Ralph Emery will serve as the host. Sheppard and myself. Thank you as always for your interest in me, my career and my somewhat erratic and crazy life Let me start by first wishing you all a Happy New Year!! I just read my last message and couldn't help but laugh at my naive comment "I'm going to do some spring housecleaning" As most of you know, I was seriously affected by the Nashville flood of May 2, I do live right on the bank of the beautiful Cumberland River, however, the water that came through our house came from across the street when the Corps of Engineers opened the Dam on us with very little warning.

    I am one of the lucky ones able to rebuild my home and I am back home My new washer and dryer now tell me what to do I'll adjust! Once again let me thank all of the friends, fans and organizations who donated their time, funds and prayers during that very difficult time I sincerely appreciate all the support and assistance you provided!! It was a very busy summer for me with the rebuilding, refurnishing, decision-making and all with the house, as well as working our road dates and the Opry We did make some great improvements on the house I did get a new car I know girls that's a tough job, huh?

    Our tour dates took us on some fun adventures with fellow artists on the Country Family Reunion Roadshows, and a special treat in August at the fair in Wyoming, Rhode Island, with the Grand Ladies. Jean Shepard, Jan Howard, Helen Cornelius and I have all been friends for so long, and it is always a pleasure to share dressing rooms and time onstage together.

    September and October got even busier E banquet and show, the re-opening of the Opry House and a family wedding Gene Ward and I decided to get married! So with all the other decisions I'd been trying to make They said it couldn't be done in five weeks but we did it! On November 20, , I married the most wonderful man I have ever known We could not choose attendants from so many friends and family members so Gene just stood alone at the alter and I walked down the aisle by myself I was going to have Cheyenne walk with me as my 'flower dog' but I wanted everyone to look at me a little bit And my dress was RED You can see some photos here on the website on the 'Photo Album' page.

    We were married by Judge Bill Higgins who has been a close friend to both of us through the years We spent the night at the newly restored Opryland Hotel in a beautiful suite that was a gift from the Grand Ole Opry. We appreciated that very much, and we were treated like royalty eat your heart out William and Kate! Then we took a leisurely trip to the North Carolina Coast Cheyenne was able to accompany us and enjoyed her new parents' honeymoon! We made a short stop in the mountains on our way home.

    Gene, Cheyenne and I spent a great first Christmas together very quietly at home with Christmas dinner at our grandson's new home, newlyweds Shane and Brooke Bolinger and other grandson Gregg Bolinger I'm looking forward to the New Year and I think it's off to a good start There will be more information about the CD on this site as well as on Facebook. And again, none of this would be possible without the assistance of Ron Harman I have said I don't know what I did to deserve him, but if I did, I would do it again!

    Love you Ron. My very best to all of you Most important of all, enjoy your life And time goes by so very quickly I've got to go pack for the Opry Cruise See Ya! April Hi Everyone, Hope you are having a wonderful Spring! I'm so ready for it myself As usual, I start out each year by being just as ready to put the Christmas decorations away as I was to get them out Then once that is done, I start pulling out last year's files so that I don't have a blonde senior moment and mix up my receipts and complicate tax time even more.

    The cruise went exceptionally well this year Of course I can't tell you all that happened because 'what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise' January also brought a lot of friends together to tape more Country Family Reunion shows, and as always we shared some special songs and stories. I especially enjoyed the stories from Billy Grammer and it was so good to have him visit with us. One of the very special highlights also for me was getting to sing a song with my duet partner of so long ago, Jack Greene.

    We had not sung on television together in close to 30 years. Jack and I also just recorded this for a new CD project Jack is doing which features duets with many of our peers.

    Blog Archive

    I think he is singing better than ever and that is saying something! Along with the Country Family Reunion series, they added a new show this year A Songwriters Reunion. I was very thrilled to be invited to participate in this show which featured some of the greatest songwriters of our time, including my ex-husband, Hank Cochran. Hank has been very ill fighting a tough battle with cancer and commented on his "chemo brain", but from some of his quips off-camera I'd say he has certainly maintained his quick wit!

    I hesitate to try to mention other writers knowing I would miss one and there is not one who should be missed I remember that when I was a child and told my mother I didn't think I knew how to pray, she told me that I could talk with God just like I would talk with a friend I was enthralled by what I saw the night of the show and I hope you will be watching for it.

    Volume Two will follow later. I have also taken time out this year to have some fun with friends on trips to Washington DC, where I got to tour the White House and eat in the Congressional dining room, and to Gatlinburg to see spring come to the mountains Most of you know how much I love theatre and it was fun to see this show. My little brother Ron will keep you posted on where I'll be performing throughout the year, so check the 'Appearances' page of my website for those dates and shows.

    He also continues to add new photos to the 'Photo Album' page, and will be glad to add any photos taken of you and me to the 'Fan Photo Scrapbook'. Just send those to Ron in care of the email address provided at the bottom of that page. And in case you didn't know, we're already planning for the Opry Cruise which will be sailing from January 30th to February 6th of next year.

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    • We'd love to have you along too!! I'm concentrating right now on spring house cleaning, some new changes in the house, lawn, and yes I'm also enjoying our spring weather now I'm hoping to spend a little more leisure time I don't want to waste a minute I have with her! And I hope all of you take more leisure time for yourselves as well I have a sign that says "Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life" I'm taking that seriously!

      In closing, let me say again how much I appreciate all of you staying in touch and sharing the rest of this career with me! Enjoy your life and take care of you. Love, Jeannie. August Well I'm sitting here, once again, realizing how far behind I am on this message for the website If not, I will try to recap the year thus far and try to bring you up to date on the happenings in my crazy mixed-up wonderful, 'beautiful life' If attending her concert doesn't inspire you I keep telling myself that although I certainly do not have a voice anywhere close to hers I can at least try to work on being a little more energetic The rest of January was spent at the Opry, getting over the holidays and getting ready for the Opry Cruise'.

      They added a karaoke contest, at the request of our cruisers, which was a lot of fun for participants and the audience alike. I was asked to host the event and I had a fun time getting to know the contestants and adding my comments to the crowd in between performances I took my neighbor Carolyn, who most of you know from my stage routines As I tell my audiences'.

      After I returned home from the Opry Cruise, I unpacked cool clothes and repacked warm clothes for the trip overseas to Ireland! And then I was off to Ireland Thank goodness, as she worked out all the arrangements and we were able to fly out that night going through London Our luggage, however, did not arrive until the next afternoon.

      I was sitting there making a list of all the necessities I would have to go shopping for before I could go to the rehearsal and then do the show when they called and said the luggage had just been delivered! I must admit that my first impulse was to kiss that suitcase All in all the tour was wonderful again this year Ireland is so beautiful and the people are so warm and friendly.

      Of course our entire entourage was great to work and travel with. As always the time spent with the other "Queens" is treasured. Let me use this opportunity to say 'thank you' to all! By the time we got home it was beginning to look like spring'. I got an early start enjoying my yard and my riverbank! We had a great time with everyone Our ex-fiddle player and harmony singer, Jimmy Dry, came out to see us and joined in with some familiar old harmony on Jack's last three songs I'm so glad we got to do that because since then, sadly, we lost Jimmy. There is no doubt in my mind that Jimmy Dry is singing with the angel choir.

      I feel very privileged to have known him. Thanks to my friend and adopted little brother, Ron Harman, we got to make a fun trip to New York City! He had the great idea to fly up, do some sightseeing and see the "9 to 5" musical which was opening on Broadway. Dolly was even there that night and came out to introduce the show! Before seeing '9 to 5' we had dinner at Tavern on the Green in Central Park'. If you see Jan Howard, ask her about being 'searched' on the trip. What great laughs and fun Of course it goes without saying that in between all the travel, I have been enjoying working the Grand Ole Opry and also the Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theatre.

      The show brought back great memories of the three months that Terri Williams and I performed the musical in Atlantic City back in June show dates in Virginia, Illinois, and Marionette, Wisconsin, went well and allowed me to visit with several fans I've known for years You are appreciated more than you know. The guests also included Merle Haggard, who served as 'host', and a long list of other notable songwriters. Everyone shared stories and thanked Hank for his contribution to their careers. His sons were there as well'.

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      Jimmy from Vieques, Puerto Rico, and J. It was obvious that Hank was thrilled with the event. Of course journalist Peter Cooper commented'"You know how important an event is when the 'ex-wife' even attends! Congratulations to all those honorees! Oh yea, in July I also celebrated my birthday! In case you think you missed it'you didn't I celebrate until next July 6th at which time I will start again!

      Micah is every bit as sweet and handsome as his grandfather was! I performed at the Middle Creek Theatre there Thank you Bill and Brenda Harris for having me, and thanks to all your wonderful cast for making me feel welcome and making it fun! Congratulations to Brenda, and what a fine museum exhibit to honor her!! The show went very well and we thank Karen and all the staff for making sure we had everything we needed It was good to visit with so many nice fans in that country again and all in all it was a great trip I'm now included among the Honorable Order of Tennessee Colonels and I certainly appreciate that designation!

      And this month I also found out I'm in the Library of Congress!! Rik Palieri, with whom I did an interview a couple years ago backstage at the Opry for his TV show in Vermont, forwarded a press release that notes our interview was among his 'Songwriters Notebook' collection of TV shows that the Library of Congress recently archived and will now be available for researchers from all over the world.

      Well it's almost time for me to leave on a flight down to Florida for some shows at the Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale, and that'll be followed by a trip with the Grand Ladies to the Little Nashville Opry in Indiana over Labor Day weekend. Speaking of grand ladies Everybody take care of yourselves January Well, it is a new year and a fresh start for all of us There were some wonderful highlights this past year, but I am afraid the losses were even greater.

      As a lot of you know, I lost the love of my life for many years, Dennis Nelson, to massive brain tumors which took his life on July 1st. Shortly after, my sister Mary Lou developed complications from dialysis and then I lost her on September 7th. Needless to say, my whole day-to-day living took a drastic change and to be honest, it has been very difficult to accept.

      I do have an exceptional support group of friends, neighbors and fellow Methodist Church members and I feel very blessed indeed for that. Also, I received so many nice cards from people all over the world who understood my pain and I thank all of you. But life does go on, and we received the good news at Thanksgiving that Dennis' son Jason and wife Michelle are expecting another 'little Nelson' the end of June and so I am excited about that! One of the real highlights this past summer was being asked to host the Midnight Jamboree to honor my friend, Jeanne Pruett, on her 35th anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry Her son, Jack Jr.

      It was absolutely delightful for me to look down at Jael's face as she was beaming like a child on Christmas morning! He always does such a good job with doing those things and making us all feel like a million dollars! We can never thank him enough for all he does to support our careers. Even though Ms. Pruett insisted she was retired and would not perform, in the end we were able to get her onstage to join us on "Satin Sheets"!

      All in all it was a special night for a special lady and her fans all over the world. Later in the summer I was honored to perform at the Williamson Country Fair down in Franklin, Tennessee, and I got to share another evening with Jeanne I stayed pretty close to home this summer trying to make sense of where my life was going, but I did make a trip to Schafferstown, Pennsylvania, for a show with Jack Greene and his group.

      Spending the time with them was good for me, plus seeing old friends back in my home state was an uplifting experience at a time when I really needed it. In September I was called to fill in for an ailing Tammy Cochran at Dollywood so that was an unexpected positive thing She is very nice young lady as well as a great talent. Of course I had appeared there in May, so we didn't even have to rehearse which gave me more time to have fun with the band and cast there! Much to my dismay, I understand that show will not run at the park this coming season and I will miss it terribly as we all will.

      Another highlight was being able to present the Entertainer of the Year Award at the R. You could not find a more deserving artist as he does put his all into the Cajun sound that he brought to the Grand Ole Opry. He has also been inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame In November, Jack Greene and I travelled to Florida for a couple of shows and met some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet We will be joining them again on January 17th in Ft. Myers for another show, and we're looking forward to seeing them again.

      The holidays went well for me in spite of my losses My friends Lee and Becca Thompson allowed us to invade their condo in beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for a few days. Helen Cornelius and her dog Livvie, her daughter Christy and her dog Prissy and me and my dog Cheyenne made the trip together and we just had a wonderful time.

      We celebrated one night with my friend Ann Allen from Sevierville by having a great dinner at the Bullfish excellent food , but mostly we just kicked back and enjoyed our leisure time in the mountains and walking the puppies! Most of my friends decided this year that we would spend time together taking in the events and parties of the season instead of shopping and stressing over exchanging gifts Your time is definitely the best gift you can give someone I believe I am ready to start the new year, and have already started cleaning out my office and setting up new files, planning my show and wardrobe for the cruise in February and then for Ireland and the Queens of Country Music again.

      I 'm excited about some new projects we are working on for later this season and hoping to come to your area and see you personally. To all of you who have made the trip to Nashville to see us at the Grand Ole Opry or the Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theatre, we thank you again and hope it was a memorable trip for you. One of my New Year's resolutions is to do a little better staying in touch with all of you, but you know how these resolutions go! I honestly do appreciate your continued interest in my life and career, so I promise to do my best. I hope the New Year is the best ever for all of you.

      Take care, be good to yourself'. Love as always, Jeannie. April Dear Friends, Fans and Relatives! Yes, I know I am way behind on updating this home page message to you, so I won't even go there!! It's not that I don't want to stay in touch with all of you My summer last year was spent mostly at home, working the Opry and participating in some events here in town.

      As you might remember, this organization honors women who have contributed so much to our industry behind the scenes and it is a joy to see them receive this recognition. I want to congratulate the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry who have joined since I last wrote. And while I'm mentioning congratulations I want to send another one out to The Time Jumpers for their two Grammy nominations earlier this year.

      As many of you know, my fiddle player Kenny Sears is a member of that group and if you've never gone to hear them on a Monday night at the Station Inn you're really missing out on an entertaining evening!!! Okay, now back to my activities from last summer. Jan and I drove over together I won't go into detail, but let's just say it was a good thing she had 'Onstar'!!

      I think we all share a lot of the same fans and they seem to really enjoy seeing us all together'. My friend Diane Berry talked me into doing an acoustic set'. She introduced me to a very talented young man, Ben Hall, who is a student at Belmont and the three of us did the show Diane used to play guitar and sing harmony with me and I think she can do most everything!

      On September 22nd of last year I hosted the Midnite Jamboree and celebrated my 40th anniversary as an Opry member. A lot of my friends came out and made it a very special evening for me. On the 'Photo Album' page of my website you'll see a photo of Jan Howard and me tasting the cake'which was huge and delicious. And there's also a photo of Jim Ed Brown presenting 40 beautiful red roses on behalf of Jack Greene who was on the road and unfortunately couldn't attend. Later on December 8th when Jack hosted the Midnite Jamboree to celebrate his own 40th Opry anniversary, I presented him with commemorative Hatch Show Print posters and you'll see a photo of that presentation on the Photo Album page too.

      And you might have seen a photo taken by Aaron Crisler that appeared in Country Weekly which shows several of us celebrating with Jack and feeding him anniversary cake'. Once again I was delighted to go to Dollywood during the autumn season which is my favorite time of the year After spending two weeks there, enjoying friends, fans and everyone I work with at the park, I came back to Nashville just in time to start rehearsals for "Could It Be Love", the musical production we have done four times now'and we are still receiving questions about when we will do it again!!!

      The show also stars Helen Cornelius, who plays an innocent little church lady a stretch! The songs in this show are wonderful as well and I'm very proud to be a part of it'. Of course in between rehearsals you could find me at the Opry or from time to time at my favorite dinner theatre, The Nashville Nightlife. We finished the musical production just in time for Thanksgiving, exhausted but with more great memories of such a wonderful cast of actors, musicians and crew. In December some of you may have seen the photo of Helen and me from the musical in Country Weekly magazine.

      Thanks again to photographer Aaron Crisler for taking that great shot and being so supportive. December was the usual rush to decorate This year I tried and did manage to simplify everything and tried to remember the people in need more than those 'in want' As part of our gift to each other Dennis and I did treat ourselves to dinner on Christmas night at the Old Hickory Restaurant in the Opryland Hotel and we both enjoyed it immensely I do want to thank everyone for the gifts, cards and holiday letters My thanks also to Ron Harman, without whom I would never have anything on my website!!

      He is always coming up with great promotional ideas too, not to mention that he is a most trusted chauffeur!

      File information

      So I must thank his parents, Bud and Nina Harman up in Pennsylvania, for allowing me to share part of their family. And so I hope your new year is going as you might have wished so far I'm sure everyone is keeping their resolutions My resolution was to not stress Seriously, I believe there are enough stressful things coming at us from the world that we can't do much about that I don't think we should add too much on ourselves.

      I believe in treating us gently!!! It has been a hectic start for me this year, trying to figure out how to pack for two totally different trips. As soon as I could get me moving again, I put away all the Caribbean clothes and repacked warm clothes for a trip to Ireland. What a super time! I saw some of the most beautiful countryside and ocean views I've ever seen, learned a lot okay Ireland ladies..

      I won't tell it all! EasyEdit Report page Share this. Peter Lawwell. Previously held the position of financial controller at Celtic Park from to after filling a number of senior executive positions with international organisations such as ICI and Hoffman-La-Roche and Scottish Coal. Smart, swathe and composed, he is perfect for this modern media age, and he uses it well. A long relationship with the club since the old days of the early nineties, he more than knows the whole club, and as a genuine supporter understands the nuances of the support.

      If anything, having seen the club at its worst under the Old Biscuit Tin board he has learnt the costs of mismanagement. Across Scottish football there are plenty of other incompetents. Lawell therefore stands out. Some great standouts: Tackling the Huns, in a staged joint media conference with Rangers counterpart Martin Bains, he made some humorous jibes which easily put them in their place and helped to clear the name of our club following a tumultuous match v Rangers recently.

      Standing by Neil Lennon when practically all wanted him out after the embarrassing defeat to Kilmarnock. Took guts to do this than take the easy option, and it paid off. The rebuilding of the forefront of the Celtic Park area. Humiliating Rangers announcement on ludicrous moonbeam transfer amounts for Jelavic. The generally good press and media management, something that was a bane on the past. Remember he has had to handle situations which the Green Brigade have put the club into difficult situations with their banners. Not easy. He has often played a blinder when tackling his foes, and even when the press try to devalue him, he seems to always bounce back.

      NewCo fans like to try to make out that he controls the SFA, you don't need to be a genius to figure out that is nonsense. His main critics generally cover the generally left wing politicos like the Green Brigade , the perennially frustrated supporters and other keyboard militants. You have to add that Lawell has had to balance up the different authorities and supporters factions. It's possibly fair to say that no other Celtic head has ever done it so much better.

      Nicholas Fury (Earth-616)/Expanded History

      When you look back over the thirty years prior to his appointment, the club's management had been marked by continual rifts with authorities with Fergus McCann or the old Biscuit Tin board. Granted a lot of that was due to the Hun's hegemony of the system, but Lawell steered the control away from them. That was healthy for the game. In fairness, one issue that has irked many supporters he been his pay. He has been paid handsome amounts with his bonuses, sometimes excessively and this is something that has irked fans especially as numbers attending the matches was falling as his pay rose.

      Yet he was being paid th going rate in th market whether people liked it or not. He had been targeted by clubs down south but opted to remain, that in itself shows his commitment to the club were he could have made a mint away from Celtic. The club had stuttered during his reign but nothing is easy in the lopsided football environment in European football. Stuck in a rut we are not going anywhere but men like Lawell try their best. Issues like the appointment of Mowbray are criticised but few disagreed with it at the time, but should have been cut faster.

      Transfer budgets are no easy issue either, and simply we can't compete anymore. The first time was when he decided to apply for the position of executive director, head of operations, at Celtic Park in ; the second was when he was courted by Arsenal in only to inform them that he was not interested in becoming their chief executive. Otherwise, during his time at the club, Lawwell has suppressed his instincts as a supporter. That, at least, is the way that Celtic fans view it. Immediately after the defeat by Hearts at Tynecastle, Lawwell had to mingle with supporters and journalists outside the ground after the fire alarm went off.

      He worked his way through the small crowd with a confident poise, attentively dispensing greetings and encountering no derision. The logic is too simplistic, of course. What if Fletcher had been injured, or taken some time to adjust to the demands of playing for the Old Firm as many other players have done when arriving from another Scottish club? Even now, as Celtic sit 10 points behind their rivals, albeit with a game in hand, the grim wit of Glasgow depicts a scenario where the Ibrox side are able to win the league despite suffering a points deduction for suffering administration.

      A similar run could still be possible, but the fear of Celtic supporters is that they slip further behind Rangers. The reason always comes back to Lawwell, but then it also misses the point of his role. There is a reason why he has survived longer than any of his four predecessors -- Terry Cassidy, Jock Brown, Allan MacDonald and Ian McLeod -- and it is because, despite the fortunes of the team fluctuating, off the field Celtic have grown in strength and stability. Rangers face the same issues with income, but are also careworn by first their debt and now their tax case. Lawwell has become a defining influence at the club, his authority only superseded by Dermot Desmond, the majority shareholder.

      All of which explains why he has been linked with the chief executive position at Manchester City. An accountant, who began his working life as a trainee at Babcock Energy in , Lawwell is considered a careful pair of hands. He has a low public profile, preferring to talk to journalists in private rather than in set-piece interviews, although often only when it is self-serving, while those who have worked with him talk of a fierce determination but also a deep-seated pragmatism; he retains his enthusiasm for the club while not being swayed by any emotional attachment.

      Yet the mocking jibe that Lawwell aimed at Rangers once the transfer window had closed was crass at the time and looks even more ill-advised now. Lawwell believes he is applying logic in an environment that is too often irrational, but he cannot lose sight of the fact it is the fortunes of the team that cast perspective on every decision. The year-old Glasgow businessman was yesterday announced as the replacement for Ian McLeod, who vacated the position of chief executive at the Parkhead club in April this year. Significantly, however, Lawwell will not inherit the title of chief executive which has appeared akin to a curse at times to predecessors such as McLeod, Allan MacDonald and Terry Cassidy.

      Lawwell, in fact, was employed by Celtic as financial controller from to during the tenure of the colourful and controversial Cassidy. A lifelong supporter of the club, he returns to a very different set-up in the role of Executive Director, Head of Operations. It is an unwieldy title but his job description remains the same as that applied to a chief executive. Lawwell, who has been commercial director of the Clydeport property company for the past three years, was previously chief executive of Scottish Coal and has also held senior management positions with ICI and Hoffman-La-Roche, the US pharmaceutical giant.

      Married with three children, Lawwell is regarded as a pragmatic, driven and successful businessman.