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The lamp has multiple charging options, including USB charger, car charger, plug and play, notebook PC USB, and mobile phone adapter, so charging will never be an issue. This means you can easily set it into a perfect angle for sufficient page illumination. Despite the flexibility, the light is quite stable and strong. Instead, you can clip in on your headboard or let it stand on its own it has a large, stable base with anti-slip silicone padding. TopElek Rechargeable Book Light is an excellent example of a crazily popular book light with a wallet-friendly price. This mini reading light comes ready to transform your reading experience.

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It features up to 4 LED lamps 2 white, 2 warm which collectively cast even light on your pages without flickering. As you already know, flickering light can hurt your eyes, cause eye strain, and give you a bad reading experience. Like any other best book reading light, this model also features up to 3 brightness levels low, Medium, and High —allowing you to set the amount of brightness that serves you best. Also worth a mention is the degree gooseneck which lets you point all the book light exactly where you want to it go without any problems.

Featuring a neck style design, this light wraps around your neck. It feels comfortable around your neck, thanks to its super lightweight nature and a soft feel. One feature that puts his book light on the map is its 3 light modes the flood light, spotlight, and bright light.

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You can easily switch between these 3 options depending on your personal preferences. When you combine these lighting options with the highly flexible arms, you get a super-versatile book light that makes reading even more enjoyable for you, regardless of which situation you are in. This is because it comes with a rechargeable battery that provides you with hours when set on high brightness or 12 hours on normal brightness. At only 0. This together with a bendable design makes it an incredibly portable book light that you can carry with you everywhere you go. Still looking for the best around the neck reading light?

One of the most amazing features of this light revolves around its powerful built-in rechargeable battery. It charges for 3 good hours, after which it can power the lamp for hours depending on the brightness level you choose. The included USB charging cord makes the charging process pretty simple for you. These enable you to separately adjust the brightness mode of each head between spotlight, floodlight, or both. At only 3oz light and a bendable nature, this light is also highly portable and easy to carry with you to any place.

When not reading, you can use this light for many other things like knitting, waking your dog, BBQ, jogging, mending, to name but a few.

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This is the perfect book light if you want to read more in bed without disturbing your sleeping spouse. Or if you want to read in the car while on a road trip. The nice looking reading lamp features 2 levels of brightness bright and brighter which you can easily customize using the smart touch dimmer. Unlike in most of the book lights out there, this lamp is made using K LED which produces soft, eye-care light with anti-glare, flicker-free characteristics. It has fantastic battery life and can last for a cool 24 hours in dim brightness mode or 6 hours in the brightest mode.

Since this reading lamp also comes with a degree flexible gooseneck, directing the light exactly where you want it to go will never be a problem for you. Its clip is capable of holding on to various book sizes from small to large , and you can even attach it to your bed headboard. It can also stand alone on the table or desk. One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a book light is the level of brightness it delivers.

If a reading lamp produces too much or uneven brightness, it might give you a painful reading experience. And if the brightness level is too low, you might quickly suffer from eye straining and eye fatigue.

If your situation allows, go for a rechargeable battery since it saves you from the cost of buying batteries every week. If you go with the rechargeable battery, make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions to ensure it lasts as long as possible. It lets you position the light exactly when you want it to go on your book pages and remain there. The neck light should also be fully bendable to enable you to fix it in any direction you wish.

Most top-rated manufacturers use steel alloy to make the arm both flexible and durable. A neck hug light should also be lightweight and covered with a soft material, e. If you like reading while traveling, consider looking for a portable lightweight and compact book light that you can easily fit in your bag for easy carry. Extra features: features such as the durability, style clip on and neck hug , aesthetics, and warranty should also come into play when choosing the perfect book light.

The best book light for reading in bed is one which allows you to read your book without disturbing your sleeping partner with stray lights. Check our list of the 10 most popular book lights above that book lovers all over the planet are using to read more at night without waking up their partners.

Yes, LED lights are an excellent choice for reading. If you just set the right amount of brightness for your LED lamp, you can use it to read without straining your eyes or causing any harm to them. The overall quality, features, and brand determine the cost of given reading light.

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The best way to go about cost is to ensure the book light you buy has a set of features and quality that are worth its price. The clip-on reading light is designed for attaching to your book pages, desk, table or bed headboard when reading. The neck hug is designed to wrap around your neck when reading. The neck light hands-free operation gives it an edge over the clip-on light. That is, it saves you from adjusting it every time you turn to a new page. In my honest opinion, there are no huge differences between the two lights to make one superior over the other. Reading in bed with the main light on, however, can be problematic because you might disturb your sleeping spouse or bedmate.

But with the best book light, you can read while propped up in your bed without bothering your partner. The light produces just enough amount of light to illuminate your pages while being easy and comfortable on your eyes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Check Price. Yellow or White? Halogen and fluorescent bulbs produce a whiter light, making them the ideal for reading. Why the increased need for light in old folks?

Highlighted Features:. Most important features to look for: 1. Brightness modes One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a book light is the level of brightness it delivers. A good light should evenly illuminate your book pages. As much as possible, look for a book light with adjustable brightness levels.

Scheduled to open in , the venue will also play host to NFL American Football games, music concerts and a range of other events. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

11 Best LED RGB Outdoor Floodlights – Buyer’s Decor Guide & Reviews

The move improves the quality of TV broadcasts and, unlike the metal halides, allows instant striking. Pic: Gregg Gorman Above: The arrangement of the original metal halide luminaires. Depending on camera position, the vertical illuminance is — lx and horizontal illuminance is lx. The installation is part of growing switch to LED in top-level sports.

The lighting firm, working with consultants ME Engineers, created a mockup of the Wimbledon visual setting at its US manufacturing facility to test different CCT and CRI combinations to achieve the optimal combination of direct and indirect light. It also consulted with a UK-based TV crew and professional tennis players to fine-tune the specifications.

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From the Super Bowl, to the football pitch, to the speedway, lighting is being used to improve the sporting experience. This week we ask how is lighting changing the way we watch sports? The move to low-energy lighting will cut electricity consumption by around , kilowatt-hours during late afternoon and evening hours from November through February, and the total will equate to about homes, Wolseley estimated.

Wolseley UK operates a number of heating and plumbing operations including the retail chain Plumb Center. Call us today to discuss your needs: Tel: The move is aimed at meeting the needs of modern high-definition TV broadcasting as well as opening up the KC Stadium to a wider range of events. It can also provide the entertaining lighting effects needed to build atmosphere and excitement before and after matches. LEDs are increasingly taking over from metal halide as the floodlighting source of choice.

LED technology allows sports stadiums to use lighting in a more creative way, making them attractive venues for events such as concerts. Control systems allow individual floodlights to be switched on or off or dimmed. Hull will also benefit from the maintenance savings accruing from the long life of LEDs.

Hangzhou YD Illumination Co., LTD-YD 36W LED High Power Flood Light

Typically, metal halide floodlighting lamps should be replaced every three seasons to maintain the lighting levels required. The Philips LED system is expected to last more than 10 seasons. To balance functional and accent lighting, StudioFractal integrated its systems into surrounding buildings. Visit Novel Energy Lighting to discuss your architectural lighting needs.

Designers studied the local architecture, existing lighting, the kinds of activities that take place and how people move around by day and night, before coming up with designs. Nothing is ever cleaned or taken away, they just add and add.