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Tobias Sammet. Archived from the original on Retrieved 21 May But first Metal Shock Finland. Retrieved 7 February Myglobalmind Magazine. Nuclear Blast. Tobias Sammet 's Avantasia.

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Concerned for her own mental health, she began to see a psychologist regularly. The psychologist thought the dreams might express a natural fear of losing her child, but could not explain why the dreams repeated for more than twenty years. Victoria turned to a friend who could read palms. After reading her palm, her friend recommended that she look to her own childhood. Discussing the situation with family and friends turned up no incident involving fire in Victoria's childhood.

Research into where she lived as a child also turned up nothing. After the birth of her second child, the dreams abated for a while, but they returned when both children were old enough to go to school. Frustrated by the persistence of the dreams, Victoria began researching every possible answer. She read an article advertising past life regression in a magazine and called for an appointment.

The regression, conducted by a licensed hypnotherapist, provided Victoria with her first real breakthrough. After several sessions, Victoria put the pieces together. In , her name was Ellen, and she lived in a townhouse in London. She took care of her grandson and her husband.


One night, German bombs began to fall on the city, and a fire spread through their home. The baby was upstairs when the fire broke out. Despite numerous attempts, she could not get to the baby from downstairs. She passed away a year later, never having recovered from loss of the infant. Victoria was born in , just four short years later. Victoria eventually located a graveyard that she believed was the final resting place of Ellen and her grandson. She visits it regularly and leaves flowers for both of them. Since clarifying the memory, she's never had another dream about the fire. Anne Addison began researching her past life as a part of her religious studies.

She believed in reincarnation and rebirth. Anne's issues with her current life were related to several pet peeves that haunted her daily life. For example, she hated to be closed in, and she always needed to have a door or a window open. She disliked necklaces that did not dangle, and she especially hated turtlenecks of any kind.